Accidental Skype call can make a life change (Louis Tomlinson)

Lyane Kingston doesn't like fame or one direction. She sings on you tube but doesn't want anyone to see her face. She blocks everyone who say's to show her face. She has a friend who loves one direction and sings it every where she goes. One day she goes to England for a piano career. She went to Skype her famous brother but presses a wrong button and rings the Louis Tomlinson. Of course she doesn't know him so she starts to like him. When he said he was Louis Tomlinson and saw her videos she got embarrassed and sad and ignores him and when she bumps into him he changes her and suddenly she loves fame and wants to become famous so shows her face. And yes if your wondering she get's with LOUIS TOMLINSON (my fav boy)


1. Cast




Nina Dobrev as Lyane Kingston (me)

Louis Tomlinson as Louis Tomlinson (my boyfriend in the end)

Victoria Justice as Ferrah Jones (BFF @haylespaynewhales)

Liam Payne as Liam Payne (BFF's boyfriend an Lyane's bf's friend)







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