Our Wall Of Broken Memories : Movella Unity Project Story

If your life flashed before your eyes what memories would you want to remember. Would you keep the bad, would you be grateful for the good. What would you save, what would you want to remember.
Amelia Marcus was in a car crash and she felt as if she had left her body but she had not she was there but watching herself. She was given another chance to live her life but does she right the wrong?
Through love, hate, and friendship Amelia learns the truth to life, to being grateful and to loving someone.


1. Memories

In a moments notice your life flashes before your eyes, every good and every bad you did in life, it's like a movies in your head but its real and you can't go back and you can't erase the things you did but what if you were given another chance at life what if you could redo it all over again, well I was.

Hi, my name is Amelia Marcus, I'm brunette Italian with large brown eyes, socially awkward and dead, technically I'm still alive but I died in a car crash on the night of my 18th birthday but for some reason i was given a second chance to live again  To fix my mistakes and undo the hurt that I caused but did I?


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