Silence is golden

Should I tell? Should I keep it secret? What shall I do??


1. Scared into silence

I couldn't wait to get home. School sucks for me. I get bullied and when I get home, I can be set free from the bullying. 

As I was walking I heard two of the popular girls chatting, giggling and gossiping away. I couldn't help but eavesdrop. 

"So you're in right? The scam?" asked one girl

"Yeh! Sophie is gonna be sooo done for!" Laughed another.

They were planning something on my best friend, Sophie! I carried on listening to see  what it was.
"What is it we're doing then anyway?" Asked the second girl.

"We will wind her up, getting bigger, bigger and bigger. Were going to booby trap her locker with this slime my bro found on ebay. Then we'll steal her clothes when she is in  the shower after gym. And keep on getting bigger." Told the first.

"Awesome. This will be sooo funny! What a... hey. I heard something. I think someone is enjoying our conversation!" Said the girl
"hey!! It's Jones!! JONES!"She yelled.

That's me ,Jones. I crept out from beneath the bushes.

"how long have you been here then JONES! " Asked the girl (who I see is Natasha, from my class)

"Umm not long, maybe ummm 5 minuets." I said shyly.

You heard something didn't you? Get her." Yelled Natasha.

The grasped hold of my collar and pulled.

"You speak a word of this to Natasha, you'll get it. K?" Whispered the other girl into my ear.

They both flung me off, making sure I landed in the massive muddy puddle.

I picked myself up and dusted off what I could. What s

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