Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


1. Valentine's Day


"THE UNICORNS ARE COMING! SAVE YOURSELVES!" Me and my best friend, Lexi screamed as we ran through the supermarket.

Laughing at the weird looks we were getting, we ran to the aisle where all the chocolate and biscuits were. We had run out of Oreo's and I go mental when I don't get my Oreo's.

"FOUND THEM ROSE!" Lexi screamed at me, pointing to where a guy in a hoodie was just about to grab the last packet of Oreo's. 

Using my awesome ninja skills, I ran over to the guy, a determined look on my face and I heard Lexi laughing at me. I pushed him out of the way, hoping that he would drop the packet. He didn't. Instead, he tripped over and fell to the floor, still holding my Oreo's but taking me with him. I fell on top of him with a groan. Then I glared at him. HE STILL HAS MY OREOS! 

Snatching the Oreo's out of his hand, I jumped off him and grinned at my success. I high fived Lexi and turned to face the guy.

"Sorry strange person with their hood up even though it's sunny, but you took my Oreo's! No one takes my Oreo's and gets away with it!" I glared, then burst into immediate laughter as the guy looked shocked and confused.

"Harry, mate! Did you get the Oreo's! Niall won't stop complaining!" I heard someone shout and I looked up. 

Recognizing the names, I walked over to the guy I just floored and pulled his hood down. Gaping in shock, I realized it was Harry Styles, from that band, One Direction. I looked at Lexi and as if she was thinking the same thing as me, we burst into laughter again. I had just floored Harry Styles over Oreo's! 

"What's going on here?" I heard another voice ask. Looking at them, I saw that 3 other people had walked over to us and I knew it was the other members of One Direction. I wasn't that stupid! Not all the time anyway. 

"She took Niall's Oreo's" Harry spoke, clearly not wanting them to know that I had just floored him.

"That wasn't what I saw!" One of the boys spoke, and I realized it was Louis. No one could mistake that voice! "She was on top of you!"

"Correction!" I butted in, making everyone look at me. "Mr Styles here was about to take the last packet of Oreo's and that was a big no no, so me being the awesome person that I am, decided to tackle him. He wasn't supposed to bring me down with him" I glared at Harry at the last part.

The boys started laughing at my explanation and I giggled a bit as well. It was funny! Kodak moment definitely, but I didn't have my camera. Damn it.

"How would you like to spend the rest of Valentine's Day with us since you've made such an impression on Harry?" Louis asked, a huge smile on his face, grinning cheekily at Harry, who glared back. 

"We'd love too!" Lexi shouted, smiling back.  


Half an hour later, we were in their house, sat on the sofa's. We had introduced ourselves on the way here and now I was eating my Oreo's. Louis, Liam and Zayn were going on a triple date later on with their girlfriends so we still had time to have fun. Their idea of fun was putting on a movie and eating popcorn, but hey, I wasn't gonna complain! Popcorn is popcorn and popcorn is delicious!  Me and Lexi argued with the boys about what movie we were going to watch. They wanted to put a horror on, but we wanted a comedy. We must have argued for 10 minutes, before we decided to watch a horror first, then a comedy.

Liam got up from the other sofa and put 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' on. I had seen this film so many times before it had begun to get boring so half way through, I started throwing popcorn at Zayn, Niall and Harry who were sat on the floor. Lexi started doing the same, both of us trying not to laugh. They all turned around once a piece of popcorn landed in front of them all, making them jump so I quickly pointed my finger at Lexi, who was pointing at me. 

"Payback!" Harry shouted, grabbing my legs and pulling me to the floor.

Laughing, I chucked the rest of the popcorn at him and laughed even harder when it stuck to his face.

"UNICORN POWER!!!" I screamed, before jumping on Harry and attacking his face with a pillow Lexi chucked at me. 

Suddenly, we were all having a pillow fight. I was attacking Harry and Zayn, Lexi was attacking Louis and Niall and Liam were attacking each other. I snuck up behind Harry who had bent down to pick his pillow up when I jumped on his back, spanking him twice.

"RUN HORSEY! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" I screamed and I heard him laugh as he ran around the room with me on his back, attacking everyone I could reach. 

Finally, we all collapsed on the floor after an hour, completely exhausted. Well, I thought they were. Harry suddenly jumped on me, straddling my waist as he started tickling me. I burst into laughter, trying to push him off me but nothing worked.

"GUYS! HELP MEEEEE" I screamed, but they all shook their heads, laughing as they watched.

I looked up at Harry, to see him staring back down at me and he stopped tickling me. I was aware of the others watching us, but I didn't care. I was too busy staring into Harry's eyes. They were so beautiful. 

He started leaning down slowly, still gazing into my eyes. He's going to kiss me! I thought. Oh god, what if my breath smells?! What if I don't do it right!? Oh god, oh god, oh god. Calm down, Rose! It's fine. Just don't think about it. 

His lips touched mine and I melted into his touch. I moved my hands and wrapped them around his neck as he pulled me closer. I heard the others cheering and I smiled against his lips. This was the best kiss I've ever experienced.  We eventually pulled away and Harry smiled at me softly.

"Happy Valentine's Day love" 

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