What anorexia did to her

'No, you haven't," I tell her, but all I wanna do is shake her hard and tell her the exact opposite. I guess that would be a bit dumb though, cause her bones look so weak that if she suffers from any sort of vibration they may fall apart in front of me.....

Based on true life stories of girls suffering from anorexia, this story is for all the girls out there that feel that they are overweight. Remember, not eating is never an option, let alone a cure. Anorexia can kill, so don't let it.


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I don't know how she became this way.

First there was the bullying, and then the abuse, and then the whole dieting thing. I told her to balance things out, and not just have carrots and apples every day, that was stupid of me. She stopped eating, just started staring at me chewing on cake bars with sad, lonely eyes that could make me cry. I stopped eating around her, and I realised it was too much. It was, because her body shrivelled up like a stick and even then she stopped eating and it went on for days and days....

It's been 2 years. She hasn't eaten a thing.

Her mother is looking at me now, with helpless, teary eyes and a body like her daughter.

"Help me."


"Tell her."

"I've been trying to do that for 2 years."

Then there was a silence. I shuffled around, trying to look for Robyn. She's having an argument with her younger sister, Rowan. I shuffle over to her nervously, wanting to have the chat I've been wanting to have for ages.

"Hey," I say. "I need to tell you something."

"Does Jeff Dunlop like me?" she queries, spinning around to face me. "Because the last time someone told me that I MADE A COMPLETE FOOL OF MYSELF."

"Erm, how?" I ask in complete curiosity.

"I asked him out, duh," she says. "I mean, who would want to go out with me, bulging fat me?"

I look at her and shake my head. "I see no fat."

"Aww, stop teasing me," she says, taking it totally as a joke. I step back and head away as she trails along behind me.

"Does my hair look too curly?" she asks, and stops when I pull a face. "At the bottom, I mean. I had the top and fringe straightened yesturday. Though all I could hear was my mom babbling on about this thing called anorexia. What the hell is anorexia? Is it like some kind of TV show? That's a pretty pathetic name for a TV show."

"It's not a TV show."

"Then what is it?"

Anorexia is a psycological problem when girls believe they are truly fat when they are stick thin. I'm definite Robyn has anorexia. I'll have to prove it though, to no-one but her. All girls who have anorexia can see in the mirror is a fat cat when they're actual physique is like a needle.


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