Danger & Passion

Serenity White is an All American Girl then unexpectedly her Mom gets a job in Wokingham, England. When she starts her first day at Brownsman College she meets a girl named Ava Jax who introduces her to to popular crowd and with that she meets Ava's brother Asher. Learning about Asher's dark past Serenity tries to steer clear of him but what happens when Seduction, Passion and Danger get in the way. Will this be love? Or will someone get hurt?


1. The News

I walked down the halls of my high school looking at everyone saying bye for the day and I walked up to my locker and saw my best friend Julie at her locker. I walked up to her and smacked her butt.
"Hey Jules." I laughed.
"Hey girlie what's up?"
"The usual, hey do you wanna come over today? Mom said she has big news so I want you to be there."
We closed our lockers and then walked home. When we got there I noticed buff men taking boxes and loading it on to a huge truck. I looked at Julie and we bolted inside. I saw my mom handing boxes to the guys and a tear slid down my face.
"Mom?" My voice cracked.
"Awh Serenity, don't cry."
"Mommy what's going on."
"We're moving babe."
"Where the hell is that?!"
I could feel my hands clenching and Julie intertwined our fingers. And I looked at her, she was in tears looking at my mom who was looking at the ground.
"It's in England Hun."
My anger point struck I ran out of the house and down the street passing car after car, house after house until I couldn't run anymore. My legs gave in at the park and I fell to my knees. My heart felt like bursting and tears fell on my cheeks. I finally stopped and realized hey England might not be to bad so I got up and walked home. When I got in I saw all that was left were a few mattresses and a couch which my mom and best friend were sitting on. Julie ran up and hugged me.
"Where have you been Sass?" She asked.
I walked to the couch and hugged my mom apologizing for my behavior and then next day we were set to leave.
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