Geass: The Power Of The Kings *Complete*

Rose is just an average Japanese girl. That is, untill she starts going to a private school with her brother, and runs into an old childhood friend. They start planing on how to obliterate the Holy Britiannian Empire. Just like old times. Only bad thing is, she has to hide her life from her brother, and that's hard for Rose to do.
*Yes, this is based off the anime "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion". If you have not watched the series, I suggests you do. It's a really good anime.*


1. Prologue

Everything is going in slow motion. How did all of this happen? Nunnally, where are you? You went missing; we had to look for you.

"Suzaku!" Lelouch raises his gun.

"Lelouch!" Suzaku raises his gun.

I fall to my knees. Tears flowing out of my eyes like waterfalls. My hands clutch my cape.

This is my brother and boyfriend fighting here. And for what?!

Oh Lelouch. You were my childhood friend. Now we're more. Allies, and in a relationship. But you left when they needed you most. There's no one like you who can lead the rebels. What's going to happen now? I can see crimson blood running down your forehead. It's blurry, but I can still see it. Oh Lelouch, this is mostly your fault.

And Suzaku, my brother. Even through all the tears, I can tell you're angry with me. But you're fighting all wrong. They took your country away from you. Your right to call yourself Japanese. You can't change this superpower from the inside. Brother, you're crazy.

My gaze goes to Kallen. She's crying, just like me. Probably for a different reason, though. Is it really that bad I'm a co-leader of the rebels? And so is Lelouch. You're on our side Kallen. Why are you so sad?

My head drops. I can't watch anymore. Suzaku, why can't you understand what I'm fighting for.

Then a gunshot fills my ears.

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