Be Mine

When Chloe meets the people she hates more than anything in the world, she some how finds them nice and attractive . She ends up falling for not one or two but all five. Until her best friend Jamie shows up. Who will stay and who will go. Chloe is in a fight against time, family, and much more. Read to see who will stay with her through it all.


1. Introduction


              Hi my name is Chloe. Some people call me C. I am 17 years old. I have dirty blond hair,which is just past my shoulders and blue eyes.

I live in London, England or as some "Directioners" say its the home of the boys, or One Direction.

I personally hate One Direction for a couple of reasons.

1. I knew the most evil one there, Harry, and he bullied me, but before he left of the X-Factor he told me he bullied me cause he liked me, and I say thats just Bull crap.

2. Speaking of the X-Factor, they beat my favorite person on there, but I forgot there name cause of them.

3. Every girl in the world is falling head over heels for them, 10 year olds know things they don't even need to know until they are in like 8th grade.

4. And most of all my best friend, Jamie, she loves them, all she does is talk about them like, Niall this.. Harry that.. BORING.

Anyway enough about me, im going to tell you how this all happened.


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