Unconditional Love

A story of two friends and there undying love for each other


1. Summers Morning

It was a hot summers morning and the humidity in the air was strong. It was thick and hard to breath. I woke up early feeling a little strange today, I knew something was going to be different. As I sat up in my bed I stretched my arms and looked out the window into the ocean, I could smell the salt air that blew through the window all i wanted to do was to lay back down but I knew Harry was going to arrive soon and I had to get up.  It's valentines day today and ever since we where kids Harry and I would meet up every Valentines Day, it was a promise that we made one day as we sat in the corn fields and played as children.

 I quickly jumped in the shower to get ready as the time was ticking on and I knew that he would arrive soon.  As I stood under the shower the water droplets fell onto my face all i could think about is how much  I truly did love him but was always afraid to let him know my true feelings just in case it ruined our great friendship. As I wiped my hands over my face and ran my fingers through my hair I heard a knock on the door. "I'm coming" I yelled "just a minute!" "its alright Jess I know where the spare key is" Harry yelled back.  I quickly turned the shower off and dried myself off. "What are we doing today Mr Styles" i yelled out from the bedroom. "Well I thought we could do something different this year, I found this amazing spot called Elephant rock we could go and have a picnic and catch up its been so long and I've missed my best friend" Harry replied. 

I quickly got changed and gave Harry a hug hello.  His hugs are always so warm and you get this sense of security when he has his arms wrapped around you.  We jumped in the car and headed for Elephant Rock.  It was about a 3 hour drive to where we needed to go but it was worth it.  The whole time in the car we spoke about the good old days and how its been so long since we last saw each other.  Time with Harry always seemed so effortless and like nothing mattered when we were together.  Finally we arrived at elephant Rock.  The weather was cloudy and you could see a storm cloud appearing in the sky it was dark and grey and moving fast but we thought it might pass and pulled all the the things out of the car and found a spot.  This spot was amazing the ocean was calm and the horizon seemed to go for miles it was the most beautiful spot I had been to.

As we sat and had Lunch  and the hours seem to pass Harry got quiet. "Are you ok?" I asked "Jess I need to tell you something" I could sense the hesitance in his voice "Whats wrong?" "this may be the last time that you see me for a while" my heart stopped! "What, what do you mean?" "I have enlisted in the army and I'm due for deployment any day now but I had to come and tell you and I'm not sure how long I will be away for ".  I couldn't speak I had a lump in my throat and my heart sank as I went to say something it started to rain I just sat there confused.  Harry got up and started to grab things as the rain was heavy I jumped up and screamed from the pit of my stomach and tears streaming down my face "Why, Harry Stop and listen to me how could you leave me?" I grabbed his arm as he tried to walk away the rain was pelting down and our clothes where drenched "look Jess I'm sorry but " "Harry stop I love you and I always have and just the thought of you leaving me makes me sick.  I never told you how I felt because I didn't want to ruin our friendship but I don't care anymore, I have loved you from the first time I saw you when we where kids and I have never stopped"  Harry just stood there blank.  I could see the tears in his eyes even though it was raining, he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight and whispered in my ear " I love you too" As I looked into his eyes He lent down and kissed me.  It never felt so right, he held me tight and softly said to me "I promise I will always be with you, you are the reason why I live and I will come back to you I truly do love you!"

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