Hey! well .. I think I would know a lot about this topic. So .. I hope you enjoy it!


1. What is Bullying and why does it happen ?

Bullying is nothing to take lightly. The most common definition of bullying is, "a repeated oppression psychological or physical, of a less powerful person by a more powerful person or group of persons." Bullying can happen for various different reasons, But the most common consist of - being shy, being different, lacking confidence, having problems at home, or lacking physical strength. Bullying can take place in numerous  different forms such as physical  threats or violence,  name- calling, teasing, or attacking someone socially. Bullying can occur anywhere at home, school, the bus, in the halls, , ect.. Bullying can often be confused with an everyday conflict. The difference between bullying and your everyday conflict is that bullying is repetitive and happens consistently.. It's a fact that bullies usually have low self esteem  or have issues at home and have to make other people feel low so they feel better about themselves or more  "powerful".

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