He's My Superman

Hanna has a terrible life. Everday when she gets home her dad beats her. One day he goes to far so Hanna runs far away until she meets a blond hair blue eyed boys. How does a change her life? Does her dad find her? Read to find out!


1. The Last Time

Hanna's POV

I was late home because I had swimming practice right after school and as usual when I came home my dad was drunk. He started drinking when my mom died 2 years ago. Every time I came home late or did something wrong he would beat me. I had bruises all over me. When people ask what happened I just say I'm very clumsy. I noticed my dad was worse than usual he could barley even talk. He started yelling right when I walked in the door. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me all the way up the stairs to my bedroom. He picked me up and threw me at the wall. He came closer to me I had wore a dress to school so when he threw me he saw under my dress. He came p to my and put his hand on my thigh. He started to take my dress of right when I noticed I had a chance to try to get out. I kicked right where men shouldn't be kicked. He fell to the ground In pain and I ran for the door. As soon as I got out I sprinted as far as I could. I didn't care where I was going I just ran and ran.
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