Beautifully Dangerous

You're dangerous. I've seen what you can do to others and even yourself. I had never planned to fall in love with you. Everyone had told me to leave before i got hurt, but i can't leave you now not when you need love the most. I'm not scared of you. Not even terrified of you hurting me. I trust you even if it means i'm wrong. Harold Edward Styles you're beautifully dangerous.

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1. Frightened



*pop* A gunshot went off from a house to my right. Startled and scared I started to walk faster towards my destination, but my curiosity had gotten the best of me. Without my control my legs had carried me to the house where the gunshot escaped from.

“You get the feet, I’ll get the head.” I heard a low voice demand. Peeking in the window I saw the blood on the carpet and the culprit dragging the source off the bed and onto a dusty couch. My heartbeat quickened and I knew for certain I had to get away from this house. Before I removed my eyes from the house I had caught hold of the attractive male who was holding a gun. His eyes widened and he made his way to the front door.

‘This is it, you’re dead, for sure.’ My thoughts ridiculed me. Somehow my body began to function into running mode because the next thing I knew I was halfway down the block with Gun Man on my trail. Turning the corner sharply i had run into a hard chest. Without giving me a chance to look at his face the stranger gripped my arms and hauled me into a near by building.

I kicked and lashed out trying to get free of the strong grip this man had on me. "If you want to live, i suggest you keep quiet and hold still." His raspy voice whispered in my left ear sending shivers coursing down my back. I froze unwilling to fight or to be moved, but still the stranger led me to a dark closet. Tears streamed from my eyes with the realization that i wasn't going to be killed by the gun man but from the man who forced me down into a crouching position near the back of the closet. 

"A-a-are you going t-to kill me?" My trembling voiced asked. He hushed me and pulled a coat from a near by hanger. Bringing it down to my chest i flinched away afraid that he might hurt me. Instead i felt the material wrap around my shoulders covering my shivering body. Confused i look for the man's face for an answer. His curly hair was prominent and his skin was pale, but with the dim lighting that was all i could see of this mysterious man. 

"Stay here, and don't make any sound. I'll come back for you." His hushed tone soothed me a little, but the calm feeling was gone as quick as it had came when he had left the closet and shut the door leaving me in complete darkness. 

My senses heightened with the lack of sight. I could smell the musty smell of a man coming of the old clothes hanging above me, and my ears could her raindrops start to fall onto the roof. The rhythm of the rain drops began to calm me once more and soon my breathing had returned to normal. 

Again that feeling had gone when i heard a loud clatter coming from out side of the closet. Manly grunts could be heard from out side. A loud thud had shook the floor below me and cautiously i crept to the closet door to investigate. Ever so slowly i inched the closet door open revealing two men fighting. I recognized the curly haired stranger who had hid me away. He was aimlessly punching the side of the man beneath him's face. 

Quickly i recognized the man getting brutally beaten as the gun man who was chasing after me. His face was now covered in blood and bruises covered his arms as he tried to block the punches. My heartbeat quickened again as i realized that the stranger would soon kill him. 

Gathering all my courage i bravely stepped out of the closet and grabbed a hold of the stranger's fist. "You're going to kill him!" He looked into my eyes with anger as i had stopped him from his previous actions. "I told you to stay in the closet." His teeth were clench as he pried my hand off of his fist. The man on the floor took his distraction as an advantaged and scrambled into a standing position before sprinting out of the building. 

"Now, look at what you've done!" The curly haired stranger yelled harshly at me. Terrified i backed up only to find a wall. He pursued me anger obviously still fresh in him. Lifting his fist he pulled it back ready to punch. I squeezed my eyes shut preparing for him to make contact with my face. The wall behind me trembled forcing my eyes open. His arm was extend to my left and when i looked for the connected hand i found it made contact with the piece of wall to the right of my head. 

Still frightened i didn't dare to move, all i could do was stare directly into the stranger's eyes which were a beautiful green but were filled with an unmistakable darkness to them. We didn't speak nor did either one of us moved. All that could be heard was the heavy breath coming from both of us. 

I wasn't sure how long we stayed frozen like that but when the stranger removed his arm from the wall and backed away i worked my way towards the door. "Sorry." He whispered as he leaned back against the wall sliding down to a sitting position. I couldn't resist the urge to go closer to him, it was like something had drawn me too him. Slowly i crouched down to his eye level and leaned in gently kissing his cheek. Not really sure of what possessed me to do that i continued to roll with it. "You saved my life tonight, thank you." 

He stayed silent as i stood back up and headed towards the door. Before i completely made it out of the building i turned to look back at my savior. His eyes were intently watching me. A simple nod was given to me letting me know i was free to go. 


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