One Direction Imagines

Ok tell me your name and ur boys name in the comments and how dirty you want it Enoy!!


1. Harry and Angel

"So what are we doing tonight?" Harry asked with that devilish grin of his. "Oh you know I already told you!" I said. "Good, then come here and we can start." He  said. This was mine and his first time ever doing this so he let me straddle him and then when we were all undrezsed he thrus his fingers  into me all i could say was "Harry!" "OH god harry." after that he thrust into me I wasc surprised at how big he was after about 20 minutes all he could say was "That was the best ever.""So what are we doing next week?" He asked still lying right next to me. "I don't know u will have to wait and see." I said staring at him. god he was sexy. "I am going to take a shower." I said still smiling. "Well why don't I join you?" he said.

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