A Day In The Sun

Hey this is for the 1Shot41D story! I really hope you like it and don't be afraid to give me feedback because I am always looking to become a better writer. 15 year old Bryn is having a day at the beach when a drastic event occurs and she meets someone special. Read the rest for yourself :)


1. A Day In The Sun (1Shot41D)

I squeezed the sand in my toes, soaking up the lovely warmth of the sun. The beach felt cool under my skin, the sand stuck to different places all over my body, but nevertheless I enjoyed it to full extent. My turquoise shades protected my eyes from the sun's UV while I dozed on the beach. So maybe it was Valentine's Day, but since I had never had a boyfriend, Valentine's Day had turned into another day to rest on the smooth shoreline. It was a tad hot for my comfort, so I reluctantly decided it was time for a swim in the salty ocean.

Tossing my shades into the sand and pulling off my loose, airy white top, I began to wade into the chilly water. Seaweed floated in between my legs, sand whirled between my toes, and the sun beat onto my back.  I turned around to gaze across the semi-empty beach. It was a pleasure living only a few blocks from the Malibu Beach, it gave me sun time everyday. The ocean called me each morning as I hopped out of bed. All of a sudden, something forcefully stuck me across the back, plunging me under the waves, and at the same time plummeting me into darkness. 

"Breathe! Come on, breathe!" A voice came from above me. "Help! Somebody help me!" 
At the same time, I coughed up what felt like a bucket of water. Particles of salt stuck and dissolved on my tongue, creating a nauseating taste in my mouth. I tried to speak but nothing came out and leaning forward didn't help. I took this time to look at my rescuer, after my blurry vision had cleared up. Buzz cut, beauty mark on his neck, lips set in a worried frown. 

"Are you okay? Can you speak? Do you need to go to the hospital?" These frantic questions dizzied me, all coming from the face in front of mine. 

I clutched my throat, rubbing it in hopes it would ease up and let me get some words out. "What happened?" I eventually spoke. Even as I asked that, the memories started flooding back to me. I was at the beach and had just gone into the water with plans for a swim when a powerful wave had covered me, dragging me under the water.

"A wave hit you and you almost drowned. Are you sure you are okay?" The guy's voice was still laced with worry.

"Ya, I am alright. Thank you so much, I don't know what would have happened..." I trailed off, no other words coming to me, for I didn't want to think about the other ultimatum. 
"Well, I can tell you that part. You would have drowned." He replied with a chuckle. "I'm Liam, by the way. From One Direction."

I could tell he was studying my face, almost as waiting for an imaginary light bulb to go off and start blinking. I knew who One Direction was, I didn't live in a shell. I just preferred to focus more on my studies and volunteer work to get into college rather than fan girl everyday.

I decided to reply cautiously, choosing my words with precision. "I'm Bryn. I know One Direction, you lads have wonderful voices." I started to get up, but as I was still feeling woozy, my legs seemed to collapse under me. 

Liam held out a hand, giving me the option for assistance getting up and I gladly took it. I stumbled back to my site in the sand where my towel, shirt and shades were strewn. Liam followed me back. 

"Do you have plans today, love? Maybe you could show me around Malibu." He asked with a dazzling smile on his face. My insides started squirming, just as they did with any other crush I had every had. 
"No, I don't have plans. I don't usually do much on Valentine's Day, seeing as it is for couples and all. But  I guess I could make an exception. How come you aren't with Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis??" I turned to face him.

"Oh, so you know their names, eh?" He winked and started laughing as my face phased to a cherry tomato red. "Well, they all found lovely ladies for the day so I thought I would take a day to chill at the Malibu Beach seeing as we aren't in LA every day. But, because I have found, and saved, might I add," he playfully winked again, "a pretty girl like you, I thought I might give myself plans." His face displayed an almost boyish quality, the way a young lad's face would light up when his dad came home with a new basketball. 
"Sure, I give in." I replied, giggling at the thought of a day with a One Direction member and such a special day at that. My friends would die when they found out my luck. "Does that make me your valentine, Mr. Liam Payne?" I questioned, staring into the depth of his warm, chocolate brown eyes. 

"Seeing as we are going for a day in town on Valentine's Day, I guess that does make you my valentine, Miss Bryn." And in that next second, his face whipped next to mine, and his pink lips planted a sloppy smooch on my cheek. 

My heart thumped, the way a dog's tail would at the site of a bone. I looked up at Liam once more, looped my arm into his and led him off the sunlit beach, a smile beaming on my lips.

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