Everything Has Changed (Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

We were best friends.
It was always Zayn and Ali. (Alice)
Until he left and became a part of a boy band named One Direction.
Don't get me wrong I'm happy for him I just want my best friend back.
When he comes back from touring with the lads will he remember me?
Will I be able to tell him my true feelings for him?
Or will he have moved on and I fall for one of the other lads?
This all happend because Everything Has Changed.


1. How it happend

Ali's P.O.V


"Z-Zayn how c-could y-you n-not t-tell m-me?" I brokedown then and there not caring who saw and

what they had to say. My best friend was leaving for the X-Factor I mean yeah I support him and

everything but I had grown feelings for him. I LOVED HIM and he's leaving.

"A-Ali I-I I'm sorr-ry I d-didn't wa-want to h-hurt you and l-look w-were c-crying in the park n-now."

He half joked and half cried. This was one of the reasons I loved him and would miss him because he always knew what to say.

"Z-Zayn I'll miss you. I love you." I mumbled the last part hoping he didn't hear and to my luck he didn't.

"Ali I'll Skype, call, text whatever and whenever I can." I can tell he was on the verge of tears so I took his hand and said "Forever and Always"

He left the next day leaving me crying heartbroken and even worse in love with someone who didn't even know it.


I was walking at the park with my bestie Nicky . When we heard girls running and screaming.

"Oh no lets go NOW!!!!" I whisper yelled.

"Why?? I want to see who it is!" Nicky squealed.

"Why it's just HIM!!!!" As soon as I said that we were out of that park with Nicky dragging me.

"W-why d-didn't you j-just s-say so?" She asked panting.

I know I know your probably like WHAT??? WHY DO YOU HATE ZAYN??! Well a little after he left he told me he loved me and he'd wait for me. Well one day I Skyped him but Louis answered and well our convo went like this A=Ali L=Lou

A: Hey Lou!
L: Hey Alibear
A: Haha I told you to never call me that again! Anyways where's Zayn??
L: Ermmm with....... Perrie
A: what?! He said he didn't know her
L: I know he told me not to tell you and there's something else.
A: w-what?
L: There dating.
A: Lou I love you! Thanks for telling me..... aren't you guys coming next month?
L: um yeah why?
A: look how bout me and you meet up when you guys come I mean If you want? I'd like to meet the other lads to.
L: yeah sure well gtg BI ALIBEAR
A: haha BI LOU!
End of convo

To this day he hasn't even told me he dated well my bad IS DATING HER. Anyways like promised me and Lou are meeting up later! I hope I won't have to see Zay- him later.

Eep even I want to know what's going to happen next and
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