The Last Mystery

A girl named Casey thinks this is just going to b another average summer at camp, but when she decides to start sleuthing again, things go terribly wrong.


1. this is a short story


The Last Mystery

Tweet tweedle-eet! Oh, how I loved waking up to the sound of birds chirping as the sun is beginning to rise. Here I am, nestled up in this little old cabin in the gorgeous mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia, right where I should be. This is my summer, and this is my story.

Woah, there. Hold up, you didn’t seriously think this was going to be one of those mushy-gushy summer camp stories, did you? Goodness, well here’s how things really started out--

“Casey! Its time for breakfast!” Yelled my counselor. My sea green eyes shot open. Whoops! Almost forgot! I’m now at camp, which means I have to get up at seven o’ clock every morning. Well, better get going! So I threw the covers off of me, slid on my light brown Uggs, and began sprinting over the mountainboarding hill to the mess hall, my messy bun of brunette waves bouncing behind me. 

I was the last camper in the mess hall, so all the good stuff was gone. Too bad..  So I grabbed an apple, and headed back to my cabin. Once I got back, I  started settling in. I carefully unpacked my suitcase, putting all of my junk in the dresser (I was going to be staying here for about a month) Put all of my shoes under my bed, and put my shampoo & conditioner in the bathroom. Finally, I popped open the secret compartment I added to my trunk last year in the workshop, and found my detective kit, right where it should be.

You could say that I have a passion for sleuthing, but the truth is, Its not my fault I’ve solved so many mysteries. The mysteries seem to find me. Lately, I’ve been doing some research on this camp, though and it seems that some pretty strange things have been happening for the past couple months. When I first signed up for this camp, I promised to myself that I wouldn’t do any more detective work. It’s a long story, but lets just say that the last time I got caught up in a mystery, thing got pretty deadly. When I found all of these consistent clues leading to one source though, I sort of changed my mind. 

All of the “paranormal activity” around this camp so far, has been centered around Cabin Five. Some are convinced it’s haunted, some just say the hot water doesn’t work, nut for one reason or another, the camp abandoned it about twenty five years ago. I’ve been pondering over what could possibly be down there for a while, now, but I honestly just have no idea.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard footsteps on the front porch of the cabin. I quickly stuffed my sleuth kit back into the secret compartment, shut my suitcase, and casually laid back on my bunk bed with a book in my hand like I’d been there for hours.

“Hey, Casey! I was looking all over for you at breakfast! Where were you?” 

As I looked up from my book, I instantly recognized the visage of bright blue eyes, and long wavy ginger hair complimented with a sprinkling of freckles over her cheeks and a set of thin lips curved into a smile, and relaxed. It was just my best friend, Maggie. 

“Oh hey Mags! I over slept.” I casually replied.

“So how’s the case coming?” she said softly. She was the only person who knew about my detective/spy work. In fact, she was basically my partner. Sort of like Sherlock and Watson, I guess.

“I think we should investigate today, if it’s okay with you. I’ve studied the location of Cabin Five from the map I printed out, and I think we’re ready. All of my research points to the cabin as the main source of trouble, so why not check it out?” I said, with a hint of excitement in my voice. 

“Definitely.” I could tell she was determined. This was going to be fun.

By the time we had figured out a basic plan, gotten my sleuth kit all sorted out, and gotten on the high-tech, completely stealth gear we needed (you know, just the simple stuff like supernatural wave-length detecting/x-ray/night vision/super cute sunglasses, and bulletproof camp t-shirts), it was already time for lunch. Thankfully, I had a super-sized Ziplock full of trail mix in my back-pack so we were able to slip out of the mess hall unnoticed, and start hiking towards the senior village while everyone else was busy eating lunch. Perfect.

We swiftly made our  way through the brush, as we tried to clear a path in the wooded shortcut. It wasn’t working very well. When we finally decided to take a break, we sat down and got comfy (or as comfy as you can be sitting in the forest) and got out the trail mix. As I popped a marshmallow in my mouth, I found an odd looking coin on the forest floor. On one side, I recognized what seemed to be Zeus, aiming his master bolt to the sky. But if you flipped the coin, it appeared to be a n image of Mount Olympus... Being the Greek Mythology geek that I am, I knew this had to be a golden drachma. As I was gawking at the coin, Maggie noticed it too,

“Woah! Is that a drachma?! It’s not real is it?” she asked in astonishment. 

“Lets find out!” I replied as I took out my pliers, to see if it was malleable. Sure enough, as I squeezed my hands on the grip, the golden drachma bent to the movement of the tool, making a noticeable dent, right in the middle of it.

“Oh my gosh... Its definitely real...” I started, “Why would this be in the middle of camp?”

“I don’t know, but you better keep this. It might lead us to the paranormal activity, or even worse, we could be facing some real-life Greek monster lurking around in Cabin Five! I always though these myths might lead to something one day, but this is crazy!” Said Maggie in disbelief, and I could tell she was a little bit freaked out.

We quickly got up, and started navigating through the forest now, with new energy. Sure, this could possibly turn out to be lethal, but we were so blinded by curiosity, we didn’t even care. 

Finally, we reached Cabin Five, which had been wrapped with CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! tape, and looked like it had been abandoned hundreds of years ago. The wood was rotted out, the door was barely hanging on by one hinge, the roof was only a frame, it seemed like everything about this place screamed dead. Even the ground around it was dried up in a ten yard radius around the cabin as if it had never even been touched by a living thing.

But one thing really stood out-- on the left side of the door, there were spray can markings that looked like Greek lettering. Just too curious to think, I grabbed my sleuth kit, got out my greek translator, and read the words aloud...

As if on cue, the earth trembled beneath my feet, and a huge crack opened up in the ground. I fell. And then it hit me-- The Underworld. All I could see was blood red, getting even darker as I descended. The crumbling rock walls got wider and wider.. When the cave walls got pitch black, I thought I might pass out, but then... thud. I had officially fallen on my butt.

I had landed on solid ground! It was a miracle! Yet I knew the strangest things were yet to come...

“What the..? Is that a mortal? What should we do..?”  Two different voices hissed. Something told me they weren’t quite human. I heard a faint scuffling in the distance. The two voices were getting closer and closer-- Then I saw them. To me, they looked like demented lizards. Wait, scratch that. They were giant demented lizards. With their beady eyes, forked tongues, massive razor-sharp claws and blue-green scaly skin, I knew I was toast. I could feel my heart pounding increase, and my wavy hair stick to the sweat on the back of my neck. These things were probably like ten feet tall!

When I realized I was still sitting on my backside, I scuffled back and stood up properly. But even like this, I was about half their size.

Come on, idiot, stop intimidating her and lets just get this over with,” Said the one on the right. Then the one to the left, gripping a canvas bag, lifted me up and stuffed me in it. 

“AAAHHHH! LET! ME! GOOOO!” Was basically all I could manage to say. But the material that surrounded me muffled my words. I was just a helpless mortal...

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