Crazy love ~One Direction love story~

Alice had been in London pretty much all her life. She has a few friends but not many. some of her friends are Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Yes she is friends with 1D. you'd think that she would love that and have people swarming around her wanting to be her friend. But that's not the case, she mostly stays to herself so nobody bothers her. But along with these new friends comes unexpected love.


18. Chapter Eighteen:hurt or just wanting revenge?

​ Lou's p.o.v

I felt so angry right now! When Zayn came in the kitchen with Alice in his arms i wanted to take her away from him. I wanted to scream at him to go away and to just punch him. But i knew i couldn't. He was there for Alice earlier when i wasn't... But when he picked her up again and said that he was going to go lay her down to sleep that was it. Harry was trying to say something but i was still mad at him and i was seeing red right now so i got up and barged out. I thought about going up to Alice's room but i couldn't bring myself to do it. I kept thinking that if i do i'll get hurt again. So instead I grab the keys and go out to the van. I slam the front door behind me.I want Alice back and NOW but instead of forming a plan i drive to the closest club.When i get there i put my hood up and put my sunglasses on. I go in and music is blaring. I go straight over to the bar. I see the person that i normally get my drinks from working so i call him over.I show him that it's me and say,"Get me the usual.. I could really use it.' He nods and gets it. After the first drink i get another and another and..Another until i'm wasted. I try to go over to the door but i can't  walk straight and i end up on the dance floor. I forget about trying to go home when a brunette comes up to me in a hot pink mini dress. She takes off my glasses hen my hood and pulls me deeper onto the dance floor.When she stops and turns around to face me I see that it's Liam's ex-girlfriend Rachel...Wait RACHEL! I start to back away but she pulls me back to her and crashes her lips to mine long enough for one of her friends to snap a picture then she pushes me away from her and she walks away. When i finally got to the van i got in and drove home. Luckily the house as only five minutes away. When i get home i stagger up to the door and walk in. I see everybody in the living room except for Zayn and Alice.Suddenly i'm seeing red again as i make my way up the stairs and to Alice's bedroom door.I struggle with the doorknob then barge into the room. At that moment i could feel my heart break.I'm pretty sure that i heard it break too.Then everything kind of went in slow-motion...

Alice's p.o.v

After all of the confessions were through with i suddenly felt tired. My eyes started feeling heavy when Zayn suddenly picked me up bridal style.I didn't hear anything that Zayn said because the instant Zayn picked me up i laid my head on his chest and was basically asleep. When we get up to my room he opens the door and he lays me down on my bed."Alice can i ask you something before you're completely asleep?" he asks gently.I open my eyes and sit up and nod my head."Well actually it's two separate questions really..."I nod once again signaling for him to go on."Well the first one is.. What did or do you see in Lou?" I look up shocked. I'm not really sure that i was ready to hear that question but i take a deep breath and answer."Honestly Zayn i really don't know...He's changed..A lot. Ever since you guys came back from tour... You know he slapped me right? That day that he came home at three in the morning drunk..Well later that day he slapped me. And then the incident  with Niall.He's just not the same anymore and i'm not sure if i really love him like i used to." He nods but i can see the anger in his eyes."My second question is ,uh, is there something else bothering you?"  I knew that i wouldn't be able to hide it for long."Yeah there is...Uh, today is not only the anniversary of my mothers death and the anniversary of the day that my father started abusing me but it's also the anniversary of the day i tried to kill myself...It was the year after i found the guys. I had been receiving hate from almost all  of the fans lately and none of the guys knew about it except for Niall.He knew how it felt and as trying to comfort me but i didn't want to listen. I yelled at him and ran out of the house but he ran after me.I had a blade in my hand and a plan in mind but Niall caught up with me.He grabbed my hand but i pulled away and started running again,blade still held tightly in hand.I stopped when i got to the river five miles from the guys' flat.I stepped onto the riverbank and put my left arm over the water. I cut that wrist and watched the blood flow out for a second then did the same to the other wrist.I was about to make my way up my arm when i heard something.Then it got louder and i knew what it was. "No! Alice wait please!! Don't do it!" I hear him yell as he's running behind me. "Why?! Why not? I'm useless anyways!They ALL hate me! Just let me die! Why do you even care!"i scream.He grabbed my hand and grabs the blade out of it."Alice,please, get down.It'll be okay, i promise.Trust me Alice."he pleaded.I nodded and got down as the tears spilled over.We stood there for about an hour, him letting me soak his shirt with tears."I answer. He comes over and engulfs me into a hug. I sit there in his arms crying. "Zayn...I'm really tiered."I say. He nods and lays me down. He brings me into his arms and i rest my head on his chest. He tilts my head up to where i'm looking him in his eyes as he says, "Alice if you ever need anything and i mean anything don't be afraid to come to me okay." I nod and he kisses me on the fore head when someone comes barging into my room. I look up and see hat it's Louis. He staggers over to the bed and pulls Zayn off of the bed and yells,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!!" "Lou calm down i'm just trying to comfort Alice okay. She's had a long day and she hasn't really had a good day."Zayn explains but Lou wont listen,"NO YOU WEREN'T!!!YOU WERE TRYING TO MAKE A MOVE ON MY GIRL!!" "LOUIS!!! I am NOT your girl anymore!!!! I think i clearly stated that when  you punched Niall!! I clearly stated that I HATE YOU!!!"I scream. Louis rolls his eyes and turns back to Zayn and punches him in the face then comes over to me and crashes his lips into mine then leaves the room.

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