My Mind Says Hate But My Heart Screams Love

Ara is signed under Pledis.

Key is under S.M.

Two rivals who must despise each other, although they've never met.

What happens when they do?


1. "Now the Two Hours Traffic of Our Stage"


•Ara's POV•

"Okay, girls! that's it for today," the choreographer said. We had been practicing all day since there's a kpop competition coming up. We're not competing against just rookie groups, but also groups that had debuted a while back. Since we started training a few years ago, we weren't aloud to watch other companies' groups. We had no idea what to expect from the other group we're up against. They could be rookies or they could be senior groups with ten times as much experience as us. The only thing we knew was that they were from S.M. Entertainment, our number one rival.

I plopped down onto the floor, exhausted. "We need to take a break from rehearsing for a while. Anyone else?" I panted. The girls nodded their heads in agreement. "Manager unnie, can we stop practicing? Just for a day?" I begged.

"You know how important this competition is. We need to practice as much as we can to beat the other group. You're a rookie group. You girls need to win this competition if you want to be known," she explained.

"I got this," Lime said and walked up to our manager. "Unnie, can we pweaaase have a day off?" She pouted and battered her long eyelashes. No one can resist that face.

Our manager, or MinJee, sighed and gave in. "Fine. But don't stay up to late, don't eat junk and no boys!"

"Thanks, Unnie!" We all yelled and hugged her.

"Now go wash up. You girls are filthy," she teased and walked out of the studio. We laughed and went back to our dorm.


After cleaning ourselves up, we sat around the T.V. debating on what movie we should watch.

"What about 'White'? After School is in it!" Alice suggested.

"How about, no! That movie is too scary!" Nara protested.

"But I like scary movies..." Alice whined.

"How about a romantic movie?" Yoonjo asked.

"My Sassy Girl?" Yooyoung hopefully asked.

"You've seen that like, a billion times already," I complained. "How about... 'Romeo+Juliet'?"

"Which one?" Alice asked.

"The one with Leonardo DiCaprio," I responded.

"Yes!" They all yelled in unison. They REALLY love Leonardo DiCaprio.

Throughout the movie, the girls kept saying 'Omo! He's so cute!' or 'Why is he so sexy?' Aish, these girls. However, I was deeply absorbed in the movie. I wanted a romance like Romeo and Juliet's. Except for the fact that six people died...

•Key's POV•

At the dorm, it was quiet. Everyone was bored out of their minds. Jonghyun was lying o the couch tossing a hacky-sack in the air. Taemin was sleeping on the floor. Minho was reading and Onew was eating chicken... again. I was sitting against the wall, thinking about my non-existant love life.

"You know that party tomorrow?" Jonghyun asked.

"What? The one for the competitors? What about it?" Minho replied.

"Are we going?"

"I think so. Why wouldn't we?"

"Remember last time? We got into a fight with B2ST. Didn't they say we were banned after that?"

"Well they changed it into a masquerade. No one will know who's who and there won't be any fights."

"I highly doubt that will work," I chimed in.

"Who are we going to compete against, anyway?" Minho wondered.

"I don't know. All I know is that it's a rookie group. We're going to win for sure," Onew boasted with his mouth full.

Taemin woke up from his nap after some of Onew's chicken was spit onto his face. "Onew! What is your problem? Can't you swallow your food before speaking?" He threw a pillow at Onew, causing him to drop a piece of chicken.

"Taemin, look what you did! My chicken..." Onew yelled. We all laughed in amusement as Taemin chased Onew around throwing things at him.

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