Love had Loved

This is my entry for the poetry contest! It's nothing great, I just wrote it quick, but I like it! :D


1. My Entry -- Love had Loved


Someone remind me that romance is bad, all love is, is a deadly knife’s stab;
And I can’t steal that look in your eye, without breaking myself with a million lies.

Amazing how fast, and amazing how slow, all it takes is three words in a row,
To heal the hurt and mend the pain, but soon it starts all over again.
For love it burns and crashes – falls; and leaves your blood along the walls;
Reminding you forever of what was there, letting you know that they’ll never care.

It’s safe to say that lying here, I’ll never have to have this fear;
But soon again I’ll go outside, and in your arms I’ll die to hide.

Sticks and stones, my love, are thrown – how ever do they break me.
But through the years my pains and tears came from the words you sang me.
“Hold still, my love be still,” and there you’d speak again;
Another word called “love,” I’ve heard, would surely leave a stain.

And so remain it did, that stain – and never did it leave me,
For once it’s there it rips you bare and always will you find me.

Once upon a time I saw a boy with golden eyes, of course you see that love is mean and filled with awful lies.
And yet I stayed and loved and cared and so my soul did leave me, for the boy who laughed the lies that sat and in the end would kill me.
Troubled still I’d followed him into that dark abyss, but he was gone he’d left me there with no more than a kiss.
I broke a laugh, “you joke,” I swore, at the end of the day you’d find me.
Remember the days and all of the ways that love had loved so kindly.

Alas, he’s gone and here I am, another girl so blind,
But love has come and love has gone, another will be mine.

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