If only things could be unseen

Some things look normal but do you really know the story? Some houses quiet ever taken a look behind the curtains? Well that's exactly what Krista plans on doing, but you never know who's watching or what's waiting behind the door.


1. Chapter one

I was walking home it was around midnight. I had just gotten off work. I walked down my street just like any other night when I saw it. It looked like a light inside one of the houses. I kno,why would this be strange, well because the house has been abandoned for 10 years. Nobody wanted to live there only some people knew why. They kept it to themselves not wanting to frighten others I guess, but I'm determined to figure out the story. The story of the abandoned house on Drury Lane. I walked inside my house, my parents where asleep and I decided I should tell my best friend what I saw. She's probobly asleep tho so I'll wait intell morning. I changed and layed down looking out the window. I couldn't fall asleep. I wanted to know what was going on inside that house, I had to. I got up and put on a hoodie and some shoes and quietly walked downstairs and out the door. I knew this wasn't a good idea but I had to know. I stood back away on the sidewalk looking at the house deciding what to do. The blinds where closed and you could only see the dim light. I thought about knocking but I was pretty sure whoever was there didn't want company. I quietly walked up the yard hiding behind stuff when I could. I was about to try to look in the window when it happened. A gloved hand went around my mouth and another hand around my waist. I couldn't see much but I could tell it was a boy around my age 17."Please don't scream" he whispered his voice shaky, "they'll hear" he pointed to the house then let go of my mouth. "What's going on who are you?" I questioned and he could probobly tell I was frightened."It's ok I'm Ricky, and I didn't want you to get hurt. I'm sorry for scaring you. What's your name?" he said quietly. "I'm Krista, and why would I get hurt?" I could tell he wouldnt hurt me. He acctually looked pretty scared hisself."Those are bad people in there and they don't want anyone to know their here, now please go home". "Fine. Will I see you again?" I asked "I hope so" he smiled "but I need you to go home now" I nodded my head and walked home. I was a little scared and I made sure to lock the doors. I went back upstairs and stood looking out the window. He was gone.
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