Shaking Steady Grounds

Born far off in a family of cats in a thick forest nestled in a valley, this short story takes on the view of two cats, Midnight and Trickster, who were both destined for greatness. Though in the wooded glen where they find themselves, they soon find out that they were also destined for divided ways. (Comments, likes, and faves would be greatly appreciated~ Mitchell)


1. Prologue: Gift of Spring

Far off in a wooded glen full of large trees and thick brush, lived a family of cats which have come to that land generations before. It was their custom to divide the cats into two divisions. There were the brave and mighty hunters who sometimes traveled long and far to obtain any food possible. The winters would serve as harsh conditions, but this powerful family of cats had yet to lose a cat to the winter's sheer harshness. They were trained only by the best, and only the best would ever have the privilege to hunt in such harsh conditions.

On the other hand were those skilled in the arts. Though there would be very little to ever possess this position, the family required that they be taught philosophy and navigation if at all possible. They were also very skilled in herbal use to heal their sick ones. Only the high priest would ever be allowed to teach all of these arts. The women, who were placed to teach the arts, were given the sole right to construct homes and tend to them carefully.

Together, the two divisions would provide for all the cats' needs and wants. However, both these positions were given by birth. Had a cat been born with with smooth, soft hair, its occupation, by birth, would be under the arts. Had a cat been born with rough and coarse fur, it would be given the position of a hunter. The only exception to this rule, would be if a cat were to be born with stripes on your fur, regardless of type, then it would be a hunter.

So on the twentieth of March, the day of spring, two cats were born as brothers: Midnight and Trickster. Midnight was born as a brownish, black striped cat with coarse and rough fur. Trickster was born as a calico cat that was black and had brown markings on his soft, and smooth hair. It had been a while since the family had received a calico cat, perhaps too long.

The family of cats had just passed through a rough and harsh winter, and so these two cats, who were both born on the day of Spring, gave them all hope. For they had been the only two out of the three born that year. The third was a gray cat of the feminine gender. She would eventually be a warrior by birth. Her beauty among the cats was above all the rest. Never has the family seen a warrior with rough, coarse hair but also hair that shined so brightly in the light. So, she was given the name 'Silver-light.'

It was now evident that spring was here. The trees began to become green, and the flowers began to bloom. The pleasing aroma filled the air, and the cats had peace of mind. Finally, they could live off of the land better than as before, in the dead of winter. Now, there was but one thing on the elders' minds: to train the cats for the use of the family.

Despite all the hope they had given the family, Trickster had been born without any claws; he would be in direct violation to the expectations of the family! Being caught without any claws was a punishment suitable only by death! This was maybe a folly for the family, but Trickster was not required to show his claws as soon as he was born. He was but a kitten, and he would only need to prove himself later in his life.

Yet it seemed like Midnight had been given the pick of the crop. He was both bulky and strong. Things came to him naturally, and he easily mastered what seemed to be most complex of moves to Trickster in just days. He was a true prodigy of combat and received praise from the elders of the family. Being a girl, Silver-light would have special training separate from the males. Though, she was also well at anything her teachers could throw at her.

Outside of training however, Midnight and Trickster were the best of brothers. Midnight always encouraged Trickster to do his best and reassured him that that was all he could do. Also, Midnight always told his brother that combat and hunting was not to be his trade. These practices were just required to be taught, whether they passed or failed. Trickster always smiled at his brother when he was told this. At least someone saw something special in him. Trickster even admitted that he did not see anything worthwhile, but consistently his brother, Midnight, would see to it that he did.

Things began to seem bright, but they both knew that they would have to part ways. Midnight was to be a warrior, and Trickster was to be a philosopher. Deep down inside, it only ripped them up. As the day came closer and closer, the days also became quieter and quieter. The day of summer was near and now they had to split their ways.



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