A Crazy Valentines Day with One Direction

After dating Harry for 2 months before he went to X Factor and then him coming home and you meeting the boys for the first time and its Valentines day it has to be crazy.


1. A Crazy Valentines Day!!!

Bella's Pov...

         I can't wait my boyfriend Harry is coming home today and yes I mean Harry as in Harry Styles. Harry and I started dating 2 months before he went to the X Factor, when he made it through I was so happy for him but I knew I was going to miss him. Then Harry got put in a band named One Direction and they made it to third place and now they are finally coming home for a while. I have been waiting 2 hours for Harry and the boys to get here and finally they walk through the door of my flat. As soon as I see Harry I jump up from the couch and run into his arms. I miss seeing him everyday and now that I get to be with him during valentines since tomorrow is valentines day. He is leaving at the end of the month but right now I am just happy to have him back. After we pull away he says "I missed you" "I missed you to". He introduced me to the rest of the boys that I totally forgot were right there. The one I think I will be closest to other then Harry is Louis he seems like the guy you could tell every thing to. The boys took all there stuff to the living room but Harry and I took His stuff up to my room. Once I shut the door I turned around to Harry right in front of me he leaned down and pecked me on my lips and then said "I love you". I was a little shocked at first because it is the first time I he as ever told me he loved me. "I l-love you to" I said a little nervous he smiled and pecked my lips again before turning around and putting his stuff down. We walked back downstairs to Louis running after Niall and Zayn and Liam watching Tv. Once Harry got Niall and Louis to calm down Niall said "I'm hungry" Harry told me eats like a pig. "I will go and order some pizza" I  said. Once the pizza got there we ate and then we all went to bed.

                                            *Valentines Day*

                    Bella"s Pov...

                             I Woke up before anybody today so I could go get Harrys Valentines day present . I am going to give him a cat. I went to my friends house and got the cat that I bought and started to head to my flat. Once I got there I walked on in and Louis was doing a head stand, Niall was eating and liam and Zayn were watching tv. "Where is Harry" I asked "he is still sleeping Louis answered. I walked up to my room and set the cat down and started to wake up Harry up by shaking him. After Harry woke up I told him I had a surprise for him. "What is it" he asked "I will just show" I said pulling out the cat. "I love it thank you" he said hugging me "what are you going to name it" I asked. "I think I'm going to name it Darcy" he said. Harry has always liked the name Darcy. "I was going to give you this later but I will give it to you now" he said getting on one knee. "Its not a engagement ring its a promise ring saying that I promise to always be here for you and to never hurt you" he said. All of the sudden the door burst open and Louis walked into harry on one knee "OMG r u really proposing harry...OMG harrys proposing!!" he said running downstairs. Harry put the ring on my finger and took off after Louis telling him that it was a promise ring. Wow this is a crazy day!!

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