Read it, its a secret ;D


1. The Challange

Everyone calls me Lucus, I am supposed to be the perfect heir to the company. Though I have one flaw that remains a secret to everyone in the world, except my mother, father, and two younger sisters. I needed to take responsibility because I am the oldest and I didn't want my sisters to go through the pain that I went through. I'm skilled at nearly all of the subjects that I was taught. Instead of going to regular school, up to now I've been homeschooled. My father was strict and his mood could determine if my mom will get kicked out of the house and punished.

I was in my room when I heard a knock on my door. I said, "Come in."

The maid, Lucy, opened the door and said, "Young master, Lucus, your father wants to talk to you."

I nodded and headed to my father's room. When I got to the knob, I remembered how much I hated him. I told myself, "One day, I will become the ruler. Then no one will have to suffer anymore. Not mom, Jenny or Jasmine."

I walked in and I saw my father's shadow standing there, strict and strong. His rough voice said, "Lucia, you have lived up to my expectations until now, but are you ready for a real challenge?"

I stood and looked into his eyes, "Yes father, I am ready, what is it?"

He looked at me and said, "I'm going to send you to J. King, an all boys high school. If you complete these four years without anyone finding out that your a girl, then I will fully accept that you are the next heir and your mother and your sisters will be safe do you hear me? If anyone finds out that your a girl, you will be disowned and banished from talking or contacting any body in the family. Do you see the risks? Do you still agree to this challenge?"

I wanted to think more about it but I knew my final answer in the end anyway. I replied, "Yes, Father. I accept your challenge."

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