Next Level

This is another short story for the meet 1D competition so like away!!!!!!!!!


1. Out Of The Friend Zone

I've been best friends with Louis Tomlinson ever since we were kids. I was 5 when I moved to Doncaster from the United States and he was my next door neighbor. The day I moved in his family came over to welcome us and we've been so close ever since. He's 21 now and I'm 19. Over the years I've realized I've been deeply in love with him but there's one problem. His girl friend, Eleanor. Me and her are close but ever since I've started to like him I've held a grudge against her. I know that Lou is happy but I still wish that I was her.

Today I'm going over to Louis' house to hang out. It's Valentines Day but since Eleanor had a modeling job today, she couldn't spend time with him. I'm extremely nervous. It's not like any things going to happen but it's just seeing him gets me all tingly inside. I put on my favorite outfit. A hot pink tank top with a zebra jacket left unzipped, black skinny jeans, black converse with a black bracket.

Driving there the smile never left my face. Just thinking about Louis and how his big blue/green eyes glisten when the light hits them, the way his smile lights up a room, the way he moves, the way he talks, the way his brown hair moves in the wind. I really love him.

I pulled up and Louis came running out the door. He opened my cardoor picked me up to of my seat hugged me and spun me around. This is typical Louis. He always is crazy like this. I screamed while he was spinning me.

"Ahhhh Louis!"

"Taylor! I missed you!"

"I missed you too!"

He finally put me down and we walked inside his hand brushing mine. Tingles went through my spine like I always get. We got into his house and we sat on the couch. I swung my feet over his lap.

"What are we going to do today?" I asked him. He thought a second before speaking.

"How about we bake?"

"Bake what?"

"A cake."

"Ok let's get started."

We made chocolate cake. We were making white icing and I turned my back one second and Louis decides to turn the mixer on all the way up and icing shots everywhere. Louis had icing all over his face. I couldn't stop laughing.

"Shut up! I'll be right back.."

He walked into the bathroom to clean himself up. I finished the icing and took a walk through his house. I walked into arrow finding Lou's piano. He always was a really good piano player. I loved watching his fingers press ttge keys playing a beautiful song. I always wanted to learn, to be as good as him. I sat down trying to figure out hoe to play it.

"Trying to learn?" Lois walked in peeping. His head through the door.

"Yea help me?"


He came over and sat beside me. He told me where to put my fingers and what keys to play. He would play first and then he would teach me how. I figured out he was teaching me 'Over Again'. I think that it sounded just as good on piano.

"Am I doing this right?" I asked him

"No, like this." He put his hand over mine. There goes those tingles again. He must have felt the too. We both gazed in each others eyes. With every second Louis would lean in closer. Should I kiss him? He has a girlfriend. What if this is just spur of the moment? What if he really likes me?

I leaned in closing the space between us. His tongue ran across my lip for entrance and I let him in. Our tongues fought for dominance and of course he won. His hand caressed my cheek while I ran my fingers through his light brown hair. We pulled away out of breath, putting our foreheads together, our noses brushing.

"Be mine Taylor?" He asked still trying to catch his breathe.

"What about El?"

"I love you so much. I always have. I went out with her to get over you be use I thought you didn't feel the same way. I love you Taylor. More than youll ever know."

I kissed him again , shorter but with the same passion.

"I love you too Louis. I always have. Always will."
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