Ebony and Ivory



1. The Last Chapter

The girls fingers danced skitterishly along her arms as she shivered against the cold. Warily, she turned to the figure on her right "Life," she asked "Why do you hurt me?"
The glowing, luminescent face of Life smiled serenely "My dear child, life is difficult at some point for everyone. You must live for the good moments in Life."
She turned to the dark figure on her left "And Death," she said "What do you promise?"
"Serenity. Peace." Death promised, leaning forward to kiss her "No more hardships." The girl closed her eyes "And Life, what do you promise?"
"I," Life replied "promise you hard times and good times. I promise you growth, maturity, children, love but I also promise loss, difficulty and pain."
"With me," said Death "You can let it all go, stay forever young, forever innocent, no pain, no loss, no difficulty."
Life glared at Death "You promise darkness, there will be no happiness."
Death looked tenderly at the girl "You will feel nothing, no pain, no happiness, no loss, no joy. You will just be a state of peace."
"Peace?" The girl repeated hopefully.
"Yes," Death confirmed "Peace.
"But girl, I gave you birth. I gave you parents, I gave you family, I gave you friends. It was Death that took that away." Life protested.
"Dearest friend, I took away their sadness. I took them out of misery, I was merciful." Death replied.
The girls fingers danced more feverishly
"See?" said Life, gesturing to her fingers "I gave you movement, I gave you physicality."
"I give you rest." Death said."You must choose one, girl."
She sighed heavily then turned to Life "All my time, you have given me hardship and I cannot bear it any longer. You are not fair. I can't take it anymore." And with that, Death held open his arms and the girl folded herself into them, pressing herself against his embrace.
"A shame..." Life whispered "a pitiful shame..."
The girl smiled sweetly against Death then sighed her last breath against him, becoming still.
Life looked on in despair "She was about to meet her love, a day after. A wife, a mother to 3 children. She would've been so happy. She would've found her oldest and best friend again. Her smile would've been the envy of people. If only she had waited another day. If only she'd found the strength. What a shame, oh what a pitiful shame."
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