Daily Story Challenge-Month 6-Love And A Valentine

Here's the sixth month of my Daily Story Challenge! It's themed around love and Valentine's Day, so prepare for the worst (and the best) romances you've ever seen. As usual it's half story, half poem, but there will be 14 poems and 14 stories because of the number of days in this month. Enjoy! *Cover Up Soon*


12. Day 11

Kara and Matt: Part 2:


Twenty-four hours later, the two were hanging around Kara's clifftop property. Matt gazed out the window, soaking in the scenery - and the large amount of 'for sale' signs. The doorbell echoed down the hallway and Kara opened the door. For a few moments, she fiddled with money before she strolled over to he sofa, holding a pizza box in one hand and a paper bag in the other. Matt could just make out the shape of a bottle and small chip boxes.

Mmm... he thought, barely able to hold back from licking his lips.


One slice of pizza remained in the box. Matt, with a fetish for more than just having plenty of money, reached for it... And ended up seizing his date's finger instead. He certainly didn't want to eat that...

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