Stuffed Animals Invasion Poem

A poem on the invasion of stuffed animals this is for stanza and deliver poetry competition



© All Rights Reserved. Any further distribution of this poem is illegal. This poem belongs to mickymomo- aka Morayo.

Tick, tock, tick,

the sound of night is here,

we rise and wait.


Waiting, for the signal,

the command,

the order


Ching! Ching!

there it is, 

we all stand 


Our fur, our netting,

Our stitches, our stuffing,

Our hard plastic eyes


We all are in order,

Left and right,

Left and right


We are friends, we

are our companions in fear,

but it is our turn


The rising of us,

So still, lying for many years,

we finally awaken


Tomorrow is our time,

Tomorrow we will shine,

 Tomorrow we will take over

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