Over Again

"I don't even remember you.." I informed Harry. "But you trust me." He stated. "Yes."


1. Chapter one

"Lyla." My mother called through my locked door. "Mhm." I mumbled in response. "Get up. We've slept in, we have to rush this morning." She said before shuffling away. "Mhm." I mumbled again.

I fumbled with the sheets I was tangled in, looking for an escape. When I found one, I parted with my bed and opened my closet door. I picked out a pair of black jeans and a striped sweater. I quickly walked across the loft outside my room and to the three roomed bathroom. I first walked through the sink area and into the next room which was the small shower room. I walked through there and into the loo. After I relieved myself, I found a towel and took a warm shower.

I stepped out of the shower, sopping wet with a towel wrapped around my torso. I put my long brunette hair into a sloppy bun. I dressed and found my blow dryer. I took the band from my hair and let the loose curls flow around my shoulders. I fumbled with the dryer before finding the on button.

"Ly." My mother called as she walked down the stairs. She meant that I must hurry so I won't be late for school. I did not reply. I brushed through my loose curls and brushed my white, straight teeth. I looked in the mirror and gasped, dropping my tooth brush. I looked different; older; prettier. I shrugged it off. It was probably the lack of sleep toying with my mind.

I walked to my room and searched for my pack. Once found, I slung one strap over my right shoulder. I picked socks from my closet, mismatched as always, and white converse. I walked down the steps leading into the hallway before the kitchen and sitting room. I sat on the brown leather sofa and pulled the mismatched socks over my foot. I became frustrated as I fumbled with the shoe laces to the converse. Once I untied them, I slid them onto my feet and tied them back.

"Breakfast Ly." My mother told me. "Not hungry ma." I replied. She sighed. "You never eat. At least grab a bar for snack later." I nodded at her.

I got up and picked out a nutritious bar and a bottle of water. I stuffed the two items into my sack. I threw the sack over my right shoulder once again and walked to my car. I dug through my sack for my keys. Once I found the clinking items, I started the engine to my Range Rover and backed out of the driveway. I put in a random cd and drove to school.

I parked in the school parking lot and got out. I walked to my first period but was stopped by my teacher, Mr. Shu.

"Lyla, you don't have my class anymore." He told me. "Yes I do. Did my schedule change without my knowledge and understanding?" I questioned my teacher. "You had my class two years ago. You have different teachers now. You're a Junior, not a Freshman." He explained. I shook my head. "No, I'm a Freshman." I informed Mr. Shu.

He messed with the mouse on his laptop. He clicked the mouse a few times before the printer spit out a sheet of paper. Mr. Shu took the paper from the printer and held it in my direction. I took it from his grasp and read the sheet. It was my schedule. I looked at it confused.

"I'm sorry I bothered you, thank you." I told my old teacher before exiting his classroom.

"Lyla!" My confused thoughts were interrupted. I spun around as a boy called my name again and ran towards me. "Where have you been?" He asked me. "What?" I asked him. "Where had you been Ly?" The unfamiliar boy asked me again. I looked at him confused. "Ly." He said. "It's Shawn. Do you not remember me or something?" He added. "No, Shawn, I just... never mind." I hesitated. Shawn. Who is this boy? I looked at the paper in my hand and looked at Shawn. I held the paper out to him. "Can you show me where these rooms are?" I asked him. "What? Your everyday classrooms?" He looked very confused and lost. I felt like a lost puppy. I nodded at him. He laughed. "Fine. We'll play this game." He said. I shook my head, my curls flopping everywhere. "I'm serious." I told Shawn. He sighed and sort of growled. He eventually nodded. He showed my where my first class was. "I'll be right here after first period to show you your second period. But let me tell you one thing, this game of yours is already annoying me but I'll play along because you are indeed my best friend. Best friends do these things for each other." He told me before turning and walking away. I walked in the classroom and asked the first person I saw where I sat. The girl pointed to the third column of desks and the fourth seat. I thanked the girl and sat down. I waited patiently for the class to start.

"Class, please take out your homework from last night." The teacher directed us. I looked around for a name tag. There was one on his desk that read "Mr. Fell." I raised my hand.

"Lyla?" He asked. "What did the homework look like?" I asked him. "Ask a neighbor." He directed. I looked across and behind me. A boy with curly brown hair looked up at me and smiled. I did not smile back. He held up a piece of paper. I nodded. I dug through my sack until I realized that I couldn't find it. I jumped when my back was tapped by the person behind me. I turned around and the boy pointed to the curly haired one. The curly haired boy reached forward with a note in between his index and middle fingers. I took the note and turned back round in my seat. I fumbled with the folded sheet of paper. Once I opened it, it read "You look lost babe. How are you?" I picked up a pencil and wrote "I'm fine. Just confused." I had no idea what else to tell him. I didn't know who he was. I turned around to find two green sparkling orbs locked on me. A large hand was placed before me. I placed the folded sheet in his larger hand. He withdrew his long arm and looked down at the note while unfolding it.

"Is there a problem, Lyla?" Mr. Fell asked me. I jumped at his words. I shook my head. "Then sit forward." He scolded. I nodded.

When the bell rang, the curly haired boy came up to me.

"Why are you confused?" He asked me. I shrugged. I grabbed my sack and got up to walk away from him when I felt two large hands grab at my waist. I gasped as I was pulled backwards and into the curly haired boy's torso. He laughed in my ear.

"Jumpy today are we?" He laughed while kissing my jaw line. I wiggled from his grasp and ran through the doorway to find Shawn leaning against the wall.

"Ly," Shawn said, "what's wrong?" He turned to find the curly haired boy standing in the doorway.

"Harry, what did you do?" Shawn asked him. "Nothing. She just freaked out." Harry explained. I went to walk away when Shawn grabbed my wrist. "Stay." He directed. The bell rang and students shuffled into all different classrooms.

"What do you mean she freaked out?" Shawn asked Harry. "She just freaked out. I kissed her and she ran out here." Harry explained. "Maybe she didn't want to be kissed." Shawn said before placing his hand on my lower back and guiding me to my second period. I looked back at Harry who stood there watching me. I turned back around as we stopped in front of a door.

"Your second period awaits." Shawn told me. I didn't move. "Ly." He encouraged. I turned from the door and walked out into the courtyard. It was sunny and hot. I looked around but I didn't find the curly haired boy called Harry.

"Lyla." Shawn said. I turned to face him. "I went to bed last night as a Freshman." I told Shawn. He looked at me confused. "I'm just as confused." I told him. He stepped back and found a bench. He sat down. He looked up at me and patted the bench, wanting me to sit. I obeyed.

"I don't get what game you're playing." Shawn told me. I shook my head. "Shawn, I'm being serious. I don't remember a thing. I don't know anybody. But you told me that you're my best friend so that's why I'm telling you this. I don't know anyone else. I must've moved in the past two years." I told him. "What was your last address?" Shawn asked me. "I don't remember. But I do remember that I lived somewhere in Manchester." I explained. "You're in London. You moved here during your Freshman year. That's when I met you, and you met Harry. You and Harry got together like two weeks later." Shawn laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Nothing... Look, we need to get to class." Shawn said before getting up. I didn't move. "C'mon." He encouraged. I shook my head. "Lyla. Come on, now." He scolded. I didn't budge. He grabbed my two wrists and hauled me up. He held his grip. "Shawn?" I whispered. "We need to get to class." Shawn growled. "Shawn." Harry said as he walked around the corner. Harry stopped and observed the situation. His eyes grew large when he noticed Shawn's grip and my struggling.

"Lyla." Harry gasped as he hurried to us and pushed Shawn. Shawn's hands released mine. I stumbled back as Shawn hit the ground. "Harry." I choked. "Go." He directed me. I didn't move. I watched as Harry grabbed Shawn's shirt and pulled him off the ground and against a post. I stood and observed. I gasped as Harry's fist met Shawn's jaw. I hurried to Harry, peeling him off Shawn.

"Ly, he's not your best friend. He lied." Harry told me. I looked at him confused. "He must've known you didn't remember anything when he told you he was your best friend. He wants you." He explained. "How did you know I didn't remember anything?" I asked Harry. "I stayed and listened, knowing this would happen." "Knowing what would happen?" I asked the curly haired boy. "You and Shawn." He said.

When Shawn got to his feet, Harry pushed him to the ground once again.

"Go." He directed Shawn.

Harry turned to me as Shawn hobbled away, cursing. When Harry stepped towards me, I stepped back. I was being cautious.

"Lyla." Harry said. "Shawn lied to me about being my best friend, how can I trust you?" I asked him.

Harry reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a cell phone. He scrolled and clicked a couple times before turning the phone around to face me. It was a picture of me, Harry, a girl, and a boy. No Shawn. Definitely Harry and I.

"What are we?" I asked. "You're my girlfriend." He slowly answered.

Harry scrolled through more pictures and turned the phone around once again. It was a picture of Harry and I kissing. I grew nervous.

"Who are the boy and girl in the first picture?" I asked Harry. "Our best friends, Aaralyn and Ian." He answered. "Where are Aaralyn and Ian?" I continued questioning him. "In class, which is where we're supposed to be." He explained. "When can I meet them? Again?" I asked. "Later." He said before walking away. I followed.

We walked to a set of stairs and climbed them.

"Do we have the same class." I asked. Harry nodded.

I continued following close behind. I was caught off guard when Harry had stopped. He turned to me.

"You really do not remember a thing?" He frowned. I shook my head. He looked upset. "You've forgotten us." He said. He kept his ground, not moving. "What is the last thing you remember?" Harry asked me. "I went to bed as a Freshman." I told him. "The date?" He asked. "October 24, 2011." I answered. He shook his head. "As much as this may hurt me emotionally, would you like for us to... Uh... Start over again?" Harry said slowly. He looked at me. "I don't even remember you.." I informed Harry. "But you trust me." He stated. "Yes." He nodded. He turned back around but did not stop questioning me. "Why do you trust me if you don't remember me?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "Lyla." He said, stopping once again and turning around. This time, decreasing our distance.

Harry was now in reaching distance. Our faces were inches apart. Our torsos were about an inch apart. Harry's hand slid up my arm and rested behind my neck. His right hand mimicked the left. I could smell Harry. He smelt sweet and comforting. I wasn't paying attention until our lips brushed. "Harry." I said. When he firmly pressed his lips to mine, I rested my hands on his waist. This seemed familiar, like I knew what he expected. He smiled in the kiss. I pulled back in surprise.

"You remembered how we kiss." He said grinning.

He grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers. Something felt right. I'm not sure what, but something definitely felt right.
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