The Long Road Home

If you've gotten paralyzed, and you did everything you wanted to whenever you wanted to, how would you feel?
Adrianna Moore is a girl who did whatever she wants, but when she does something she's always wanted to, but very dangerous, to her at least, and gets paralyzed from the waist down, will that change her life forever? Will the love of her life not love her the way he did before the accident?
stick around to read about the shocking story of Adrianna Moore.


1. Chapter One


 November 1, 2012

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                        

Since me and you are going to be very close friends, I guess I'll tell you about myself. My name is Alex Adrianna Moore and I’m 13 years old. I’m currently in the eighth grade. My favorite song is Luke Bryan, Drunk On You.  My favorite food is spinach and cheese stromboli with chicken breast. My birthday is on December twenty-eighth.

Now to cut to the chase; I'm moving to a little town right across from the one we currently live in. It's really small and was just officially named as a town by the state of North Carolina a few months ago. Yay, and guess what, the school I’m going to attend is the rival school, just great.  I'll be starting at that school on the fifth of November. I feel like a traitor.  We – my mom and I -- are going to the new school to register tomorrow morning.

Well, Caitlin is having boy troubles again. Yesterday she went trick-or-treating with her boyfriend. I just stayed home to watch movies while I devoured some popcorn and a few candy bars. After an hour or so, she called me and with a quiet, shaky voice, she explained what had happened. Turns out, while she was distracted, her boyfriend was trying to pull a few moves on another girl, and he forgot about her. I warned her about him, but I guess her heart acted.  I told her to come over to cheer her up. It worked. She feels a lot better now.

He doesn’t deserve her. She’s too sweet and pure for him. He’s just so disrespectful, and can’t keep his eyes from wandering! Caitlin doesn’t deserve that. Now me, I’m a single person, and I'd like to keep it that way for a while.

Anyways, I'm bored and tired. I have to eat in a few minutes.



I finished my diary entry and sat back in my bed. Dinner will be in any minute, I think. 

"Alex! Alex, honey, dinner is ready. It's your favorite, spinach and cheese stromboli with chicken breast."  My mom, Alia, called up to me.  

She was right. That was my favorite. She's never wrong about me. But I found myself losing my appetite as I walked downstairs. However, I would never pass the opportunity to eat some chicken breast with spinach and cheese stromboli. It started when I was in the hospital for swallowing a quarter. 


"Mom? Do I have to get surgery?" I asked hoarsely.

"Yes, you swallowed a quarter, Alexis! But I brought you dinner. I just made it, so it should still be hot, honey," my mom replied while gently combing back my hair with her fingers.

You see, that's why I love my mom. She's the sweetest person ever. She looks it too with her small, slender frame and beautiful brown, silky hair that falls just below her shoulders, but her kind, inviting eyes are what draw people in. They're dark green with a tint of sea blue.

"Knock, knock! Oh, you can't eat or drink anything just yet, darling. If you do, well, it is not going to be pretty. Trust me, sweetheart. It ain't worth it." The nurse said in a Southern drawl as she rudely barged in eating cookies with a carton of milk. 

"But I am hungry!" I whined, pouting as I did so.

"Yeah, we're not taking any chances. You, missy, are not eating," my mom whispered, still sweet as ever. 

"We need to take you in to surgery now," the doctor interrupted. 

"Oh for the love of God! All I want is some flipping food!" I yelled.

The nurse came in with a cookie. I smiled brightly. Then she flips it in the air.

"There's your flipping food. Happy now?" The nurse smiled coldly.

I muttered some nasty words under my breath as they wheeled me into another room for the surgery.

* * *

"Can I eat now?" I asked as soon as I woke up. 


"Oh thank God! Jesus Christ Almighty! Give me my food!" I yelled. 

And with that, I devoured my food as fast as I was willing to go. Suddenly falling in love with chicken breast and spinach and cheese stromboli.


“Alex! Are you coming?” my mother yelled once again.

"Coming mom!" I replied.  

I put my diary down on my desk and flew down the stairs. When I reached the bottom step, I saw a boy, about my age sitting with his hands on his lap, slouching slightly. 

"Hey, mom.  Hey boy I don’t know," I smiled politely. 

"I'm Kayden. Nice to meet you, beautiful."

Whoahh, I like him.  "I'm Alex Adrianna Moore. Call me Alex or Adrianna. Whichever you like best," I batted my eyelashes while shaking his hand.

“Ahem.” My mother cleared her throat.

We ignored her as we continued to look at each other.

"Okay, Adrianna. Whoah, you’re eyes are amazing! They're so beautifully green designed with a few sparkles here and there," Kayden said nervously, laughing while doing so.

“Alex.” My mother said off to the side.

"Why thank you!" I replied.

We heard a clatter off to the side and the scraping of a chair against the wood floor.

"Ahem, Adriana, be a dear and show Kayden around before supper." My mother said as we turned our attention toward her.

"Yes, mamma.” I replied while taking the lead.

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