Call it Love

Is falling in love the best thing in the world? Or is love nothing more than feelings that leave you heartbroken?

This is just a bunch of poems that I wrote about love <3 Copyright (C)


1. Falling

As endless as the night sky, as boundless as the sea.

My sorrows as deep.

He walks past me, easily, gracefully.

He does not feel the pain, the sadness,

My existance.

Shining above all others into the path of the heavens.

Yet, the more he shines, the more I fall into the darkness.

I just want you to stay, with me, inseperable.

To tell you I love you.

But it was not meant to be.

For those words will never reach.

You are unreachable, untouchable.

Yet I wait, watching the words fade into the darkness,

Leaving my heart in anguish.

For I know he loves me not.

I know he never will.

Alas, love tears me apart.



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