Forever Love

Valeria is a girl who her mom died when she was 7,her dad at the age of 13 made her sepparate contact with her family,Valeria's dad starting rapping,cutting and stabbing her at that age to,he was drinking all the time and smoking,one day when Valeria is 18 she meets one direction, finds something interesting and also falls inlove with one of the one direction boys... read the story to find out what happens.


1. Eleanor chat

Valeria's POV

i left my house early in the mornin feeling happy that i left that cruel and horrible place where my father had lived there to but i feel bad that i have to go back when i come from school

i was walkin to school and on my way i found my friend Eleanor, she has been my friend for a long time and shes a sweet one at it to,she is my best friend and the only one i trust and believe in with my secrets espeacially my secret about what my father does to me

from now on ima stop callin him my father cause of all the things he has done to me from know on ima call him by his first name wich is dave

 "Hey Val" Eleanor says, as i hear eleanor call my name i snap out of my thinking and into reality

"Hi El"i say to her,"Srry for canceling on you last night Louis had a suprise for me"El says to me,"Its ok,im glad he makes you happy though","Yea he does i love him so much"she says to me,"That good,hey i have a question for you" i say to her,"What is it?"she says to me,"How does love feel like?" i ask her,"You will see when you experience it,i dont wanna tell you and spoil it for you"she answers to me",i was not that much happy for her response but i was still happy i wasnt gonna let that turn me down

Eleanor's POV

i dont know why Val asked me that but i wasnt gonna let that flow around in my head although i feel bad for not tellin her what love felt like but i had to let her experience it first maybe it will cheer her up if i invite her for the party the boys and i are going to do in there flat and they wont mind if i invite one friend right? anyways ima invite her

"Oh ok,then"she says to me snapping me back to reality and out of my thoughts,"So my boyfriend and his friends are having a party tomorrow after school,do you wanna come?" i say to her,"Sure why not,i would love to meet your boyfriend anyways"she says laughing,i laugh back and say"No worrys you will tomorrow,do you want me to give you a ride insted of leaving you walikng?","Sure thanks!!!"

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