Forever & Always, Zayn

"I'll always love you, you have to know that. But, it's just that, well, it's hard when you're loving someone with all your heart, and they don't love you back. You, of all people, should understand this."


1. The Start Of The Best Day In My Life

   Kristina's POV

   I woke up to find my alarm clock playing Moments, by One Direction. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes as I listened to my favorite band sing. My eyes flew open when I realized something - I was going to meet them, today, at their concert!! I pushed the off button on the clock and headed to my closet. I looked at my clothes and frowned. I was about to meet the amazing One Direction!! What do you wear on a day like that? I finally decided on a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch short jean shorts with a yellow flower printed Abercrombie tank top (Abercrombie is my favorite store). I straightend my normally curly light brown hair, so that it reached a couple inches past my shoulders. I added my normal amount of makeup, some light eyeliner with a light eyeshadow, and lip gloss. I looked at my summer-tanned self and smiled. I added a couple silver bracelets and a pair of sparkly silver earrings to my outfit. Perfect. I grabbed my purse, complete with my iPhone 5, back-up makeup, Toms sunglasses, and, you guessed it, a ticket! I practically ran down the stairs from my room with excitement, almost tripping on the way down.

   "Woe," my mom laughed. She was making breakfast for herself and my dad. "Excited much?"

   I laughed and put my purse down on the counter. "Come on mom, stop teasing. You know why I'm excited."

   She stopped flipping pancakes and quoted me. "Because I'm about to meet the five most perfect people in the entire world!!" She laughed.

   I rolled my eyes and giggled. "You know it's true!"

   She smiled. "What time will Cali be here?" she asked.

   I look down at my, yes, Abercrombie watch and noticed it said 7:45 am. "In fifteen minutes," I responded. Cali was my best friend in the entire world and I loved her to death. We were going to the concert together, then going to a party afterward.

   My mom nodded.


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