Bring Me The Horizon

All in this story is fiction. Nothing is taken from reality (except the band of course and their names and looks), but all the concerts are made up and everything that happens is made up. Also I do not own Bring Me The Horizon or any of their work. It is simply just fiction.
Enjoy :)


1. Meeting Oli and BMTH

I remember the first time I saw Oli Sykes. And Bring Me The Horizon all in all, but mostly Oli Sykes. It was a few years after they formed the band and they played in Leeds – my hometown. I had listened to their music for a long time and was really looking forward to see them live. My parents and I usually go to the festival since they’re also fans of rock music and all that.

But it was on the Leeds festival. The concert had been extremely good and I totally fell in love with Oli and his voice.

After their concert I went to their little merch-tent near the stage to buy a t-shirt and guess who was standing there, selling their merchandise? Oli himself and Curtis one of their guitarists. I felt like my heart was skipping so many beats that I might faint as I closed in on the tent. When I reached the tent I had fetched my calendar book and a pen and stood in front of the guys like a total idiot. Oli smiled at me – a polite but at the same time extremely shy smile – and reached out: “you want me to sign that?” and again my heart skipped a beat and I’m pretty sure that I made a little jump. Slowly I tried to reach out the book to him, but my arm shook so heavily that I dropped not just the book, but the pen too. A soft laughter skipped his lips as I bend down to pick it up and this time I didn’t fail to reach it over to him. He wrote some squiggly squirrels and handed it over to Curtis who wrote in it too “clumsy” Curtis said with a hint of annoyance and I felt my smile fade a bit, but Oli gave him a little push with the shoulder and gave me my calendar back.

“So, did you enjoy our show?” Oli asked me – still smiling shyly. I nodded silently and felt my cheeks flush. Then I cleared my throat “Y-yeahs.. I-I mean..” –“Oli! Oh my God it’s Oli! Come on guys!” a girl screamed behind me and all of her friends came along knocking me out of the way. Suddenly they were all over him and Curtis, taking pictures and giggling like real fan-girls. With a disappointed sigh I left the place and went back to my parents tent…


The second time I met Oli and Bring Me The Horizon was their concert in London a year after. I was 17 now and this time I went with my best friend Alex who was also a big fan. We had been friends since kindergarten and he got really disappointed last year because he didn’t have the money to go to Leeds festival. But this year we earned money for the concert by cleaning our houses, the cars and I got a little part time job at a café that my mum’s friend owned.

At this concert I felt much better about myself and my self-esteem was higher than usual – probably because I just bought new clothes for this concert. And I had died my hair mahogany red with white ends. Alex told me in a girlie manner that I looked gorgeous in my black skinnyjeans, Bring Me The Horizon shirt (which I had cut the neck off to make it look better) and black vans. All in all I was very blackish today – but I felt good about it.

In this past year I had learned from various concerts that it was normal for the band to come out and have a chat after the concert. So after this extremely good concert Alex and I waited inside to meet the lovely band. I had my ticket and a pen ready for their signatures and waited with my heart thumbing like it wanted out of my chest.

“Relax – they’ll be here in a minute”, I smiled at Alex, but it didn’t calm me down all that much. I tapped with my foot on the floor and felt that I had been patient enough – because Bring Me The Horizon was the second out of three bands to play. The last band was Machinehead and their music wasn’t really talking to my liking. Suddenly some girls screamed – making me jump like a little scared turtle – and finally the waiting was over.

Alex was already moving towards the center of attention, but all of a sudden I didn’t really feel like going over there. All the girls surrounding the band were all so skinny and some of them even walked around nearly naked. With a sorrowful glance I looked down at myself and thought that I was nothing special compared to those girls.

Alex pulled my arm and looked back at me, but I just shook my head. He sighed as if he knew what was wrong, let go of my wrist and walked towards the band. It was the worst feeling ever because I felt that my best friend had suddenly given up on me. Everything felt awkward and I really wanted to go, but suddenly I heard Alex’s voice and looked up. “Yeah, she feels really bad about herself and I just wished she would stop complaining about her body – because she’s gorgeous, but can’t seem to see it herself..” and then I realized that he was talking to nobody else but Oli Sykes. My eyes opened wide and my throat tied itself together as they came closer and a small hatred with a twist of gratitude flew from my heart to Alex. That bastard! While they walked over here my eyes were fixed on Oli and I tried to tell myself not to stare, but I simply couldn’t look away from his long brown hair, shimmering brown eyes, the soft-looking slim lips of his and the tattoo on his neck. Gosh he was gorgeous – and sexy too! Man those tattoos…

“Hi there…” he said with a shy expression, but all I could do was staring at him. Then when the silence got a bit embarrassing he continued: “I just talked with your friend here and he told me that you’re having some trouble talking to us because you feel threatened by all the other fan-girls over there?” he asked and pointed with his thumb over his shoulder. I saw a lot of girls seeking desperately after him in the room and smiled a bit on the inside that he was here talking to me.

But the only thing I was able to was to nod and looking desperately at Alex to say something when suddenly Oli exclaimed: “wow, you sure do remind me of some girl I met at the Leeds festival last year – yeah, this shy girl who looked like we were diamonds to her and in her silly shyness dropped her calendar when she wanted us to sign it”. When I heard that my head turned towards him and my heart jumped 20 feet that moment and I stood even more frozen than I had before. He remembered me – or well a girl who was actually me. Instead of replying I simply started to laugh hysterically and looked desperately at Alex who also laughed – just a bit more naturally than me. Oli seemed to look puzzled and look from Alex to me when suddenly I stopped laughing and gained my pride by saying: “of course I do – I am that stupid shy girl who dropped her calendar at the Leeds festival last year”.

After that Oli was silent for a moment and then he began laughing this rough, but warm laughter. I looked down in shame when suddenly he put his hand on my shoulder and I looked up with a blank expression. “I like that – shy girls who doesn’t talk much. To be honest; I don’t really like all the screaming and the touching, but like they say: it comes naturally with the fame” and as he said that a bunch of girls howled into the air because they had caught sight of us and was already moving over here. With a smile Oli turned towards them and gestured all of them while walking towards the rest of the band, but something caught my eye – Curtis wasn’t there…

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