Love at first... voice?

Louise is an ordenary 16 year old teenage girl, brunette hair, blue eyes, skinny (not extremly) and sporty. She attends Cardinal Gibbons High School in Mullingar, Ireland!... One day, her brother Niall comes home from school with his mates. Noticing one particular boy, who was tall, with curly hair smiling at her at school, Louise thinks nothing of it until she hears a strong, deep English voice coming from her garage.. will she fall hard for the tall, curly haired bad boy?


2. Angels in my Head.

Louises POV:
Beep... Beep ...Beep! I open my eyes gently to see slur and bright lights! "Get up! We have to be at school in half an hour" Niall calls from my door! I sit up and slopp back down again not wanting to get up! I slowly get out of bed, walk to my 'Walk In Waldrobe' and put on my skinny, grey Cargo jeans. I choose out a plain black long sleeve T-Shirt, slinging a cute black and white aztec scarfe around my neck loosly. To finnish of the look i pair it with a Baby Blue nitted jumper and my lace-up boots.
After putting on a little bit of foundation and mascara, i walk downstairs and see Niall in the car out the front! Mum is holding the door open with one hand and a takeaway coffee mug in the other! Smiling i grab the coffee, kiss my mum good-bye and get in the car. "Took your time" Niall says rudely as he rolls his eyes. "Hey, it takes time to look this good!" i giggle and playfully punch him in the arm. He just rolls his eyes and drives us to school.

~2.00 P.M. (1 Hour before school finishes)~
"Oh My Gosh! Guess who got Mr. Tread for English" Adelaide walks over doing a little party dance. Mr. Tread is the Main English teacher at our school, lets just say hes really attractive. Lucia rolls her eyes, while i giggle at the thought of me and Lucia having the worst English teacher. "Your lucky, you always get the attractive or good teachers. Lou and I got Ms. Yan for English, shes not even that pretty!" Lucia says, sounding pretty annoyed! "Its just good that we have each other for maths" I reply. "I guess, but still.. Ms. Yan!...". She says. Me and Adelaide just laugh.
*DingDingDing*. Lucia, Adelaide and I head to the lockers, bumping into Niall. "You have to get your own way home, i have band practice with the boys" He says reffering to i'm guessing the boys standing behind him, looking gleefull. I only recognised three of them Liam, one of Nialls best friend,Zayn, i think, me and mum dropped Niall of his place for a party. And a tal, handsome, cute, boy with curly locks sweeped to one side of his head, i must of seen him around school, cause i had no idea how else i knew him. I look at his face, he had a adorable smile across his face showing his amazing dimples. "Mhhhmm.." Niall couched to get my attention. I looked quickly back at him, " yeah, alright! I'll get a lift with someone" I smiled, looking at the curly haired one again. I blushed looking down and walking away with the girls.

~At Home~
As soon as i got home i kicked off my boots, i could smell a farmiliar smell coming from the kitchen. I regognised it straight away and realised that it was mums famous cookies!! I loved them.. I skipped to kitchen.. "Hi Mummy, yummy my favourite!" I said stealing one and quickly eating it before she could take it back! I sat on the bench stool and started telling mum about my day, being interuped my the front door opening and then closing. I heard laughing but it wasnt Nialls it was and unfamiliar one. I continued when Niall walked in "hey mum," he said grabbing 8 cookies,I looked at his hand following where he was going, he started walking out of the kitchen, but i stopped him. "You wont eat 8 cookies" I said feeling jealous "The boys are here, we are practising for the Talent show" "Oh, i turned around seeing the boys i saw earlier standing crowded in the doorway. I noticed the curly haired one smiling at me again. I grabbed my stuff walking past them and walking to my room putting all my school stuff on my bed.

~An Hour Later~
Once I finnished my homework, i decided i wanted a drink of coke, walking toward the garage, I heard a deep, rusty sounding voice singing along to one of my favourite songs, Forever Young, It was amazing. Peeking in the garage door i followed where the voice was coming from, of course it was the curly haired boy. I think i was in love.

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