Love at first... voice?

Louise is an ordenary 16 year old teenage girl, brunette hair, blue eyes, skinny (not extremly) and sporty. She attends Cardinal Gibbons High School in Mullingar, Ireland!... One day, her brother Niall comes home from school with his mates. Noticing one particular boy, who was tall, with curly hair smiling at her at school, Louise thinks nothing of it until she hears a strong, deep English voice coming from her garage.. will she fall hard for the tall, curly haired bad boy?


1. Louise Renee Horan

Hi, my name is Louise. I am the younger sister of Niall and Greg Horan. I am, not to be cocky but I guess you could say i am one of the popular girls at school, oh and I go to Cardinal Gibbons High School! Im sixteen and am loving it! My bestfriends, Lucia and Adelaide go to my school too, but are in the year above me! My brother Greg moved out of home when i was 14, but Niall is still at home, i can tell Niall anything but the only problem is he is way too Over Protective of me....

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