Karma Doctrine-Universal Law Part 1

Principles of Karma-Universal Law


1. Universal Law


From seeming nothingness happened something apparent

Light, creators, angels,  galaxies, stars and planets,

in a flash, the numerous rays of the solar orb.

Angels, the agents of universal law, messengers

of nature, play varied roles in the divine plan.

Cosmic conscious intelligent and omniscient,

guides and directs, cosmic energy wild and powerfull

Everything being subservient to karmic law.

Universe, dual in nature both positive and negative


vibrates, imprints and records, every thought

and event, from past, present and future, on the same scale

The entire earth's psyche, connected through the

interlinked chain, holds a sway over mankind,

in an inexplicable trend.   How? What? When? Why?

None can comprehend the intricate law, yet,

karma doctrine is the only answer for every question asked.

That is the way it is- the unique universal law cause and effect.  

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