Everything Happens For A Reason

Caroline Carlson gets her heart broken on the special day everyone calls, Valentines day. With tears filling her eyes and her mind tangled with her boyfriend, a tragic accident occurs. Harry Styles just happened to be a person that was involved in this accident.


1. A Day To Remember

   I was on the way to my boyfriend's house so we could spend Valentines day together. I was so happy until I reached my so called boyfriend's house. I saw him kissing another girl. My heart dropped and all I could do was cry. I was so in shock that my first instinct was to run, I don't know where but I just had to run anyway from that jerk. My eyes were filled with tears that everything was a blur. I could literally feel my heart shatter into a million pieces.

   I continued to run as I wiped my tears away but that wasn't the end of it. I heard tires screeching, saw 2 bright lights and then... nothing. There was nothing but darkness after. I was alone. This moment gave me some time to think and just clear my head of everything. The first thoughts that came into my mind were, what happened? I was crying and running away one second and then the next second I see pitch black.

   I tried opening my eyes but everything was really blurry. My head started pounding and it felt like someone was smashing a hammer on my head. The pain was excruciating and indescribable. I held my head with both my hands trying to make it stop. I see someone walk into my room but I couldn't tell who it was. I squinted my eyes to try and see who it was.

   "Caroline Carlson?" The mysterious person asked.

   "Yes, that's me. Who are you?" I asked while squinting even harder.

   "I'm your doctor." The person said, "You got into an accident."

   "Accident? What?" I shrieked.

   "You went into a concussion but luckily it wasn't for that long and your injuries aren't severe." The doctor replied, "Is there anything that you need?"

   "Actually, my head hurts a lot!" I complained.

   "I will go get something for that, in the mean time, someone wants to see you." The doctor left.   

   A young man with brown curly hair walked in. Harry Styles? What the heck was he doing here? Why does he want to see me?

   "Hey, you alright?" He asked with a concerned face.

   "Yeah, I'm fine. Just have a headache, that's all. You're Harry Styles right?" I asked.

   "Ah, so you've heard of me?" He chuckled which caused me to smile, "Yes that's right, I'm Harry Styles." He sends a cheeky smile.

   "If I may ask, why are you here?" I asked.

   "Well, I'm the one who hit you. I seriously didn't mean to, I feel so guilty!" He cried.

   "It's ok, trust me. At least I'm not lying in a coffin," I grinned. He tried to smile back but he couldn't with all the guilt. "It was partially my fault too, I should've watched where I was going." I said to try and cheer him up.

   "Your medicine, Ms.Carlson." The doctor walked in handing me a pill.

   "Thank you," I tried to reach out and grab it but Harry did first.

   "Here," He placed his hand on my back and lifted me up.

   "No, no, it's ok," I pushed myself to get up.

   "Just relax, I mean it's the least I could do," He slightly does a half smile and continues to lift me up. He grabs a bottle of water and opens it for me. I put the pill in my mouth and swallow.

   "Nothing was too severe, if you would like you can leave today." The doctor has a huge smile across her face.

   "Do you want to leave?" Harry asked, waiting for my answer.

   "Yeah, I have to go. I don't want my parents worried." I replied.

   "I called them, they said it was okay if you spent the day with me," He said.

   "Spend the day with you?" I asked in confusion.

   "Yeah, we can go to the mall, grab something to bite, or just hang out. It would help ease the guilt that is built up inside me," He said.

   "Okay," I smiled at him.

   We arrived at the biggest mall in the city and when we got out of the car, we were mobbed by girls. Screaming girls. Their screaming didn't really help my headache at all. I was trying to push through the crowd and trying to not regret that I chose to hang out with the famous Harry Styles. I felt hands wrap around my arms and push me through the crowd.

   "Just calm down and try to ignore the screaming," Harry whispered into my ear which sent shivers down my spine. "Go into the mall, I will be there soon."

   I see Harry walk over to men in a security outfit as I continue to walk to the doors of the mall. I walk inside and I see everyone walking outside. I got really confused at this point. I was so curious of why everyone was leaving. Harry comes into the mall and leads me towards the food court. The aroma of food made my mouth start to water and stomach start to growl.

   "Choose whatever you would like, it's on me," Harry looks around the food court, chest puffed and the cheekiest smile across his face. I laughed.

   "Oh come on, getting to hang with a member of the most famous boy band is enough. You don't have to buy me things," I said with pity.

   "It's the guilt talking not me, just get something, please," Harry pleaded.

   "Fine," I murmured.

   We ordered our food and sat down at a table. Usually it would be really hard to find a table to sit at but today the whole mall was empty. Something that I was still curious about.

   "Do you happen to know why this whole mall is empty?" I questioned.

   "Well, just for you I made everyone leave so you can have some peace and quiet," Harry answered with a grin on his face.

   "Ah, well thank you. Even though it was seriously unnecessary," I said.

   "Yes it was, you almost dropped to the floor by all those girls screaming outside!" Harry claimed.

   "I have no comment." I crossed my arms and lifted my head with confidence. Harry laughed. "Anyways, are we done here?"

   "Yes, now let's go shopping!" Harry jumps out of his seat with excitement.

   "Shopping? Wasn't buying me food enough?" I chuckle, as Harry shook his head.

   "Let's be off Caroline!" Harry linked arms with me as he skipped merrily down the hall. "I have a question,"

   "Yes?" I tilted my head at Harry.

   "Why were you crying and what were you running from?" Harry's eyes widened in curiosity.

   "My boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend now. We were suppose to spend Valentines day together but I caught him kissing another girl," My eyes started to fill with tears as I re-lived my heart shattering into a million pieces.

   "Hey, hey, hey," Harry said as he took my hand in his, "Look at me, look how you're spending Valentines day now. With me! C'mon, smile for me." Harry locks his eyes with mine as he smiles at me. I felt the butterflies in my stomach flutter, causing me to smile. "There you go! Now let's try on some things" He smiles once again and hops into a store.

   He hands me a funky hat and weird glasses as he pranced around the store trying to find something to try on. I couldn't stop laughing and I was having a blast! It was the most fun I have had in ages. We spent most of the day trying on weird clothes, having our own runway and doing goofy stuff. Seeing him smile made me smile, even though my boyfriend broke up with me or that I got hit by a car. When he smiled it was like everything bad that happened went away and there was only those good times.

   "We should get going," Harry said trying to catch his breath.

   "Yeah, we should!" I laughed thinking back to this whole day with him.

   We walked out of the mall laughing but we also stumbled upon someone that I didn't want to see.

   "Caroline! Where have you been, we were suppose to spend Valentines together!" Stefan a.k.a my ex-boyfriend exclaims.

   "Caroline, who is this?" Harry whispers to me.

   "My ex who cheated," I replied. Anger filled Harry's eyes as he clenched his fist.

   "Leave Caroline alone," Harry demanded.

   "And who are you?" Stefan questioned.

   "That doesn't matter, now leave!" Harry raised his voice, clenching his fist even harder.

   "Caroline, tell this guy to back off," Stefan said.

   "No," I replied.

   "She knows about your little kissing moment with another girl," Harry said.

   "Caroline, that was a huge mistake, and she kissed me!" Stefan sobbed.

   "Don't be telling her that crap, and it takes 2 people to kiss," Harry said.

   "Harry, can we just go... please?" I said trying so hard to keep the knot in my throat down.

   Harry puts his arm over me and walks me over to the car. Anger was still written all over his face and his fists were still clenched.

   "Harry.." I said worried.

   "What were you doing with a guy like him?!" Harry yelled.

   "I don't know..." I murmured.

   "You shouldn't be with a guy like him!" Harry shouted,

   "I'm sorry!" I replied scared.

   "You deserve better." Harry softened his voice, "Let's go, I will drop you off at home."

   Me and Harry both get into his car and drive back to my place. We sat there awkwardly because of him yelling earlier. He turned on the radio and with no surprise 'Kiss You' was playing on the radio. Harry started to jam out to his own music which caused me to laugh. Harry turned to me and saw me laughing which made him smile.

   "I'm sorry for yelling back there, guys like that get me angry, especially if they are hurting a really beautiful, amazing girl." Harry blushes. My heart start racing and I gulped.

   "It's ok, guys that get protective are really cute," I blush and look out the car window.

   "Well, we are here!" Harry said.

   "Okay, thank you for spending the day with me. Is there another crazy thing that your guilt is going to make you do?" I laughed and stared at him.

   "Well... there is one thing, but it's definitely not the guilt." Harry leans in and kisses me on my cheek. I felt butterflies go off in my stomach as my heart started to pound out of my chest. "I will be sure to keep in contact with you, good-bye Caroline. Happy Valentines day." We both shared a smile and I hopped out of his car.

   This was the best Valentines day, ever.

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