Valentines Day Princess

What will happen when best friends Kayla and Taylor go on a trip to Starbucks and run into someone they never thought they would meet?


1. Starbucks


***Taylor's POV  "Kayla, do you want to go to Starbucks?" I yelled down the stairs to my best friend . "Yeah, give me a second!" I put my shoes on and headed downstairs. I saw Kayla grabbing the keys.  "I'm driving!" I laughed. We got into the car and headed to Starbucks.  "Kayla, what do you want? I'll order your drink"  "I just want a hot chocolate." I ordered our drinks and walked towards the table. About half way there someone ran into me, spilling the drinks on the floor. Luckly not on me or them.  "I am so sorry" I saw a hand reach down to me, I grabbed it. Once I was standing I saw who I was looking at.  "Uh, it's okay."  "I'm Niall by the way!" He said with a cheeky smile.  "I know, I'm kind of a fan. I'm Taylor"  "Well that's a beautiful name" I felt myself blush.  "Do you want to sit with me?"  "Yeah babe" I walked to the table and Kayla's mouth dropped. I gave her a death stare.  "Kayla, this is Niall. Niall, this is Kayla" They shook each others hands, which was kind of weird but you know.  "So, what are two beautiful girls like you, doing alone on Valentines day?"  "We're both single, been best friends forever. Why?"  "I know that we just met and all, but would you like to go out with me tonight?" I looked across the table at Kayla and she gave me a nod, telling me not to say no.  "Yeah, what time?"  "How about I pick you up at your flat around 7?" "Sounds good"  "I have to go, but trade numbers?" I nodded and gave him my phone and he gave me his. Once Niall disappeared Kayla was ready to leave. We went back to our flat and I noticed it was already two. I decided to watch a movie and then get ready. When the movie was over I walked to my closet and found a nice black dress with a white bow around it. I curled my hair and put on light makeup. Once I was finished it was 6:45. I went downstairs to find Kayla sitting there waiting for me. "Taylor, you look amazing!" "Thanks Kayla." We sat in the living room talking for a few until the doorbell rang. I walked over to the door and opened it only to reveal a handsome looking Niall in a black suit. "Don't you look beautiful" Niall kissed my cheek. "Well, thank you" I noticed Niall checking  me out. "We should be going right?" "Oh, yeah!" Niall said snapping out of his trance.   We walked to his car and he opened my door. "Thank you" I said smiling as Niall got into the driver side. He turned on the radio and This Little Girl was playing. I sang along, tuning everything else out until the end of the song.  "That was amazing! You're a good singer" I blushed a little. The rest of the car ride was quiet until we pulled into a fancy looking restaurant. Niall got out and opened my door for me leading me inside.  "Table for two, Niall Horan" The lady took us to a table towards the back. "You really do look beautiful"  "Thanks, you look pretty good yourself" I looked up and caught Niall blushing.  "So, tell me about yourself?" I nodded and told him everything about me. I'm not one to trust a lot of people, but I felt like I could trust Niall. Once our food came we were quiet except for small talk. Niall ordered desert. He is such a hungry boy. "You know... I've never met someone that loved food as much as I do" I said with a small smile.  "You're like my soul mate  Niall replied looking into my eyes. Not going to lie that made my heart flutter. The rest f the night went by fast. Niall pulled up to my flat and opened my door for me. He walked me up to my door.  "Taylor, I know we haven't known each other long, but I feel like I have known you my entire life. I meant it when I said you could be my soul mate. We're alike in many ways and I've never been so nervous doing this before... Would you be my princess?" I felt a small tear fall out of my eye. Niall wiped it away quickly. "It's okay if you say no."  "Niall, It isn't that I want to say no, it's just that no one has ever said something that sweet to me. It's a yes!" Niall smiled before leaning in making our nose's touch.  "Well that's good because I've been waiting for my princess forever. I'm glad I found her" I leaned up, closing the gap between us. I instantly felt sparks.         
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