Just Great

Miley and Jenna are great people but when it comes to high school and their bullies Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, they ruin their lives but they have to work through the pain.. the high school has a thing where the grade 11's have to pick a name out of a box and it has to be four people that live together, read and see who goes where and what happens..


1. NO!

Miley's POV

today is the annual 'Grade 11 pick friends and move in!' day.. I really hope I get my best friend and not the bullies Zayn and Harry.. they are just so mean to us and i dont even know why! and its JUST to us! "Miley! pick three names out of the box!" the vice principal said.. I got up and went to see who my torture is going to be with..

first paper: Jenna! yes! i wont be doomed after all!

second paper: Zayn! NO! nevermind! im still doomed!

third paper: Harry! NOOOO!! my life is officially ruined..

rooming in a room with them?!! for a year?!?!? oh my god!!! this is going to be a complete nightmare!! I stood staring at my papers with the names, mostly at Harry and Zayn's and someone tried to get my attention but it wouldn't work, I started crying cuz there was nothing I could do about it.. I looked up at Jenna, Harry and Zayn. Zayn and Harry were staring at me smirking, and Jenna's eyes were in complete fear and sadness. Why? Just Why US? "NO!" I started screaming getting lost in my thoughts. Jenna came to my side and asked if I was okay, "why dont you stop crying, you little wimp!" Zayn yelled at me. "why dont you just shut up, eh?" I said still crying. "you and your friend have SUCH annoying Canadian accents! EH this EH that!!" Harry started mocking us. its true, we do say 'eh' a lot but that doesnt give you the excuse to make fun of us! I still wish that we never had to switch to this school! with all these brits around us, and us always saying 'eh' some people get really annoyed, some people thinks its attractive, some people just dont care... anyways, we got up and head to the house we ALL will be staying at.. I hated those words, knowing Harry and Zayn were included. Me and Jenna were sharing a room and Zayn and Harry were sharing a room. we got unpacked and me and Jenna sat on our beds looking at each other. "you know, I always thought of us moving in together, but just not with our bullies.." Jenna said, now looking at her thumbs moving around. "yeah, me to"I said, still looking at her. "lets go before they start yelling at us My" Jenna said getting up. "yeah, lets go.." we both went downstairs, suprisingly, not yelled at.. suspicious, were they even here? yes, I see them watching tv, maybe they didnt hear us.. no, they looked at us when we came down.. weird..

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