All Eyez On Me

Gloria and Georgia are just two Sydney teenagers that just happen to meet 5 boys whilst going to get Gloria's ball dress. The 5 boys have on Jack Wills jumpers, sunglasses with one of them wearing a beanie. Georgia instantly recognizes them to be One Direction but everyone else in the crowded shopping centre are oblivious to it. What happens when the one with the beanie gets to know Gloria in just a few hours? She tells him her name is Rebecca. Well at least she was partially telling the truth. Her name once was Rebecca. But will Gloria, well Rebecca ever see the boy in the beanie again?

*This is my second one to be published here. I'm currently writing chapters for this as well as my first stories sequel. Check out my other story as well! Thanks my little pumpkins xx*


1. Introducing Gloria (Main Character) *edited*



Hey there! So I’m an Australian girl from Sydney. My school life is average, not the most popular girl but not the least popular. Everyone knows me though; well I guess I have my hair to thank for that. Every girl and I mean EVERY girl in my school has straight blonde or black hair. Mine however is brunette and curly. I just am thankful for my hair that I’m not lost in the crowd of people within my school. I’m 16 and graduating at the end of this year! Turning 17 in July and a huge fan of The Collective, Shannon Noll, Guy Sebastian and ACDC. I listen to everything and anything.


My best friend, Georgia is well considered to be the most popular girl in school. She’s just so crazy and outgoing, which is definitely the opposite of me. It’s strange to think her and I are even friends but I would never change it if I had the chance. We’ve been best friends since year 5 when she helped me up after the school bully had pushed me down onto the concrete. Once we began high school she quickly took the role of the popular girl but thankfully she wasn’t the typical nasty popular girl. Although I’m definitely not crazy and outgoing like she is I still act crazy when I’m with her. Everything just ends up being a laugh between us and we even laugh about our occasional fights.


All in all I’m just glad that my life is the way it is, I have great grades. Well actually I’m a straight A student with a definite placement at a university once I get my final results; I’m sure about it. But I just don’t know if University is really my thing, I’ve always just wanted to go travel the world possibly as an artist or even a backup dancer. But those dreams will never come true; maybe I’ll just become a doctor or a lawyer.


I just have one secret...

My birth name is Rebecca. It's a long story how I have ended up to be Gloria. One that not even Georgia knows. Only my mum and my uh 'protector' (known to others as my dad) know the reason behind my name change and my move from the UK to Sydney, New South Wales.

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