One thing!

Amber goes to Nando's with her friends Charlotte and Maddie for her 16th when she noticed five very familiar faces and one was looking in her direction every now and then, he was blonde and Irish. What happens.


3. Starbucks

Maddies POV

I woke up to Amber's phone ringing, couldn't she of put it on silent I mean its 10:30 am and people are asleep at that time! I decided to answer it for her without knowing who it is!
"Morning beautiful" came through the phone, I just burst out laughing.
"Your not amber are you?"
"Nope" I said trying to stop laughing
"Ohh ermm who are you?" He asked sounding slightly embarrassed
"My names Maddie I was the one that pulled amber away from you in Nando's."
"Ohh your that bitch!" Niall smirked
"I am not a-"
"Sorry about her!" Amber interrupted and took the phone

Amber's POV

"Okay see you in Starbucks at one" I said then put the phone down!
"Okay guys lets get ready for Starbucks!"
Me and Charlotte spent ages finding what to we're as we were going out to meet THE one direction.
"Hurry up you two!" Maddie shouted impatiently "were not going anywhere fancy!"
"Actually we are meeting up with our future husbands!" Charlotte said jokingly Maddie just rolled her eyes and giggled.

Nialls POV

We had been waiting for 5 minutes and I was really nervous and impatient. What if she doesn't like me? There are 4 other very good looking guys in one direction she could like one of them!
The door opened and in walked three girls I couldn't take my eyes off the blonde one on the left
"Come sit down" I said.
I hoped that amber would come and sit down next to me.

Harry's POV

Here comes the girl Niall wouldn't shut up about and her two friends.
"Guys this is Amber and her two friends!" Niall Said looking into Amber's eyes.
"This is Maddie and Charlotte!" Amber said and as soon as she said Charlotte she looked at me and smiled I was a bit confused.
But wow Charlotte is just beautiful the way her brown hair was naturally in her waves she looked so cute trying to hold in all her excitement. They all sat down. Louis was sat on the end then Liam then Maddie which by the looks of things Liam liked her and ten it was Zayn, Amber, Niall and then Charlotte sat inbetween me and Niall. I couldn't get my eyes of her
"Your beautiful!" I said to Charlotte, did I really just say that out loud...
"Why thank you" she said smiling.

We all got on really well and were having a good laugh I noticed Liam and Maddie flirting with each other and Niall and amber basically on top of each other.
"I'm going to the toilet" then Charlotte went to go to the toilet.
"Yeah me to" I said.
I walked away and hear Louis say "oooooo Harry's got a crush" oh god.

Charlottes POV

I went to the toilet and noticed Harry get up as well.
I looked behind me and noticed Harry (who by the way is my favourite) right there.
"Are you following me or something?" I asked
"Well I just need the toliet too god!" He said starting to turn red.
"Well I need the toilet." I said, I kissed him on the cheek and walked in the toilet and started fangirling I JUST KISSE HARRY STYLED ON THE CHEEK!

I came out the bathroom to see Harry stood there, I looked into his beautiful green eyes and he went in and kissed me! HEAVEN!
I pulled away realising everyone was looking.
"I think we should go sit down" I said to Harry then we walked back over to them, I looked at amber and she gave me a wink.

It was time to go so Liam said "it was nice meeting you three how about you all come to ours later, we're going to watch toy story." He gave us the address and a time and we all left.
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