Forever and Always ( harry styles fanfic )

Alexandria moves to london and happens to move next to Harry Styles' mom. Alex gets to meet Harry and the rest of one direction. Will Alex and Harry have a strong realationship or will they problems? Find out by reading this lovely fanfic (:
P.S. i will try to update every day if not then probably every other day. thankyou x.


1. leaving :(

hi, i am Alexandria Lopez and i am 17 years old. i am half mexican and half indian and i was born in Lodi, California but i moved when i was little. i have light brown hair with light green eyes and i am not to short and not to tall. today is the day that me and my family will be leaving out house to go live in a new one in London, England. right now i live in Bradford. nothing really happens there so i am really exited to move to a new place where i can experience different things. anyways, i just got home from school and i went into my bedroom to find a lot of empty boxed on my floor. " hi honey welcome home from school. " she said as she came into my room. " can you pack all of your stuff before dinner so we can get it all in the moving van? " she asked as she looked up at me. " sure " i replied. as soon as she left, i plugged in my phone to my speakers and started playing music. the song i would by one direction. ( that is my song! ) then i walked over to my closet and took out a handful of clothes and placed them on my bed. i started folding them and putting them in the box. i was really happy that my mom decided to move to London because that is where the none only HARRY STYLES live and i am IN LOVE with him. even though i was happy to move there, i was not looking forward to the car ride. when i finished packing my clothes and my comforter, i heard a knock on my door. i walked over to it after turning down my music that was straight up blasting. i opened the door to see a tall, curly headed guy. he had green eyes and he looked really nice in his uniform. he reminded me alot like harry styles but i knew that he wouldnt be showing up at my door anytime soon. " hi can i help you? " i asked. " hi, your mother told me to come by and collect some boxes to put in the van. " ok, they're right there. " i said as i pointed towards the boxes that had my stuff packed away in them. when he left, i still had one box left so i went to the bathroom and collected all of my things in there and put them in the box. i carried the box downstairs to the van where the guys were still putting things in there, " this is the last one. " i said as i waited for the guy to look up at me and take the box. " thankyou " he said as he looked up and me and grabbed the box out of my hands. i went back inside and the aroma of fresh hamburgers filled the air. " hey mom, is dinner done already? " i said as my stomch growled almost on cure. " yeah, go ahead but eat fats because we have to get going ". as soon as she said that, my smile dropped from my face. i went and sat down at the dining table and finished my dinner. " Come on Alex! " my mom yelled from the living room. i followed her out in to the garage and into the car. i didnt bother to put my seatbelt on because i was going to lay down anyway. i fell alseep while listenig to little things by one direction. ( my other song! ) i woke up to my mom shaking me. " come one, we're here. " she said before she climed out of the drivers seat. i got out of the car still half asleep but was shooken up my the cold, breezy air hitting my face and blowing my hair back exposing my neck. goose bumps grew on the back of my neck and on my arms. i stared speachless at the house infront of me, it was really big. im loving this place already.
( sorry if this chapter was really boring, i had to starts somwhere.  thankyou for reading and ill keep posting (: )

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