Let Me Go Too (Liam One Shot)

This is my first one shot!! I've decided to try it. I hope you like it. TTYL my PEEPS!!


1. Let me go too


I stand outside of the airport. The rain assults my back with its icy pellets. I think about my decision. Should I go? Leave this pleace and the bad memories behind? Or stay. Face the past I know I can't handle.No matter how much I think this is the right thing to do, I just can't grasp the handle of the door. People rush past me, but I stay put. My arm is outstretched; my fingertips just brush the cold, wet metal. Do I feel tears on my face? Or are they just stray raindrops that got past my hood? I still can't bring myself to grasp the handle. "Jessica!" A familiar but muffeled voicesounds through the chilly mid-January air. I feel an hand rest on my shoulder, and let my hand drop from where it was suspended in the air. I turn to see my best friend, Liam look at me with red, worried eyes. Must've seen my goodbye note. How long have I been standing here? It feels like I got here seconds ago. I just look back at him, with what I know now as tears run sown my face. "Why did you leave?" He asks me. Why did he think I left? Josh cheated on me, my best friend stabbed me in the back and became a total snob, and I only had one friend left. Liam was the only one I had left. My mother and father had died years before in a car crash when I was fifteen. I'm twenty three now.I have no aunts or uncles I could stay with. My grandparents died years ago after I moved out when I was eighteen. Liam was the only one left. I wanted to start fresh. I wanted to start off in a new place. I thought Liam knew. "You ahve no idea, do you?" I ask him in a shakey voice. "Know what? I haven't heard from you in days! You just dropped every way of communication and locked yourself in your apartment! How was I supposed to know?" he replied. He sounded more sad than angry. "I thought you would've heard it from Liz. Or Josh, since he was the one who cheated on me..." I trail off. His firm look vanishes and is replaced by a sorry one. "I'm sorry Jess. Come here." He pulls me in for a tight hug. His strong arms wrap securely around me while I sob loudly into his chest. Once my sobs slow into shudders, Liam releases me. "Let's go." He says. I get confused when I am pulled into the airport. "Where are you taking me?" I ask him. "We're leaving. For good. we never have to come back here again. Just you and me from now on. Oh wait..." He stops so abruptly I bump into his back. "Come on, let me get my things. Then we can go wherever you want to go. I promise." He pulls me back out of the airportand takes me to his black Volvo. I put my bag in the back and get into the passenger seat. We drive back to his house and run in. I help him get all of his stuff into a bag and then we get back into the car and drive back to the airport. When we gat back to the airport, we rush to the ticket booth and look at all of the places the planes are going. One place catches my eye. Hollywood, California. I pull Liam to the sideand ask him. "Can we go to California? We can do what we've always wanted to. We can start a group, get famous! We could do it! You and me against the world!" Liam ponders my statementa minute and smiles. I give a short squeal and we go to the lady at the ticket booth. "Two tickets to Hollywood please." Liam says. his British accent still showsfrom when he lived in England when he was nineteen. He came to Kentucky when he was twenty and went to the same college as me. We had the same voice classes. That's how we met. We were both majoring in the subject. We got our tickets and went to sit in the waiting area. The plane was boarding in half an hour, so I could kill some time. I get out my phone and take a picture of us. We've taken so many pictures together in such a short time. We've known eachother for four years. I was just the youngest in the class. I finally hear out plane number on the intercom and jump up. I grab my carry on and rush towards the entrance with Liam at my heels. I sit in the window seat and wait for Liam to catch up. He sits beside me and we both face towards the window that shows the soggy, grey scenery that we're leaving behind forever. A weight lifts off of my chest when the plane takes off. I can breathe now. I don't have to struggle for breath when we reach the sky. I feel free now. Free from all of the things that scared me in that town; of all of the things that suppressed me into thinking that I wasn't good enough. Now, I live life and breathe air easier than ever before. We fly across Louisville, the city where I was born, raised, and tortured by memories I wish I never made. I've loved and lost, I've worried about every little thing, I've done what everyone else says not to do. I was never myself around anyone but Liam. Now I feel safe to express myself. I no longer have to cry for what makes me, me like it's a curse. I can just live. I don't have to survive anymore. Now, I can live. I never knew I would be able to. Now, it's certain. I can do what I want to do and be who I want to be. I can do it all with I love most in the world right by my side. Liam is looking at me when I turn from the window. "You know I love you Jessica." His words surprise me. Of course I know he loves me. But he doesn't love me like I love him. I can handle sticking to being friends though. I would rather have him as a friend than not at all. "I know. I love you too."  I am surprised even more when his hand grasps mine. "No. I love you." Suddenly, he leans in and kisses me. I kiss back. I've always wanted to kiss back. I just wanted him to kiss me first. When we pull apart, I look into his gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. "Now I do. And, I just want you to know, I love you too." I kiss him again. I think can safely say that our journey has just begun. No longer as best friends, but as something more.

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