Love in the Snow (Lilly's P.O.V)

Lilly Williamson is a very beautiful girl who loves winter and snow. Her new neighbor, Luke is very charming too. After spending just about three days together, Lilly and Luke start to get some strange feelings, and it turns out - the're in love.
Snow was always something special to them, because they found love where and when there was snow. =)

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


1. The Snow

"I was sitting by the fireplace on the ground. I was having one of the best moments in winter. In my left hand I had my copy of The Hunger Games  book, in my right, I had a huge mug that had hot chocolate in it, homemade and extremely delicious. I completed my happiness with a sip of the hot chocolate, it gave me great warmth. This is how I like to read ... Especially with the sound of rain tip-taping on the ground, and splashing my windows, making the best harmony of music - the music of nature!

I was suddenly interrupted by a very lovely voice muttering, "You still awake?" it was my mother, she had just waken up. It was seven o'clock in the morning, my mum usually wakes up at seven, even when it's winter and  dark - especially when it's winter and dark, because she likes to see the sunrise. It has something to do with her love story with dad, when they met and how they met, she never really told me about it, what she always used to say to me every time I asked her, "I'll tell you when you have your own ... and not just your own - your own and last one" winking. I never really understood what she meant, but I now guess she was talking about my wedding day, when I finally have my perfect and last love story. I don't know why she does this, I just get very curious to know her  love story, but I don't bother myself to ask, for I know the answer will be the same.
Each one of the family likes winter for a reason,except for dad maybe, he likes being warm and hates being cold, that's why he dislikes it. I myself like it because my birthday's in winter, mum for this mysterious reason, and Kim -my sister- likes it because she likes snow. 
"Yes, I couldn't stop reading, you know. it's a good book - a very good one." I answered my mother. I always hated her to wake up and find me there, still awake. I don't know why, but it made me feel .. like a young girl who hasn't done her homework, or done something wrong, So I finished reading the last paragraph in the chapter and started going to bed when suddenly my mother said,

"Do you hear that?" almost whispering,

"Hear what, mom? There's nothing to hear." I said, I was getting sleepy and I thought that mum was hearing some kind of voices , and that's never a good sign - ever. So I tried to make her feel that she didn't hear anything.

"Exactly!" she said however. I was honestly shocked, what does she mean by that? "You can't hear the sound of the rain tip-taping now, can you?" she continued, and then I understood.
In winter it barely stops raining, and if it does, it only means one thing ... snow!
Mum started dancing like a little child and I joined her, that's what I like of my mother, she's never old enough to act happy when it comes to snow. Everybody loves snow, right? I mean who doesn't! It's white, soft, cold and comfortable to sit at. Mum and I then headed to the window, and yup we couldn't be more right, it was snowing. We started watching the soft, big, white snowballs while they were falling gently on the floor, not causing any noise or damage. Then I found myself unable to stay awake anymore. I kissed my mother's beautiful, warm cheek, she kissed my forehead, and I was off to bed. 
Kim is gonna be so happy tomorrow , I was thinking in my bed. suddenly everything was black and I was asleep.

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