I'm In Love With A Total Stranger (Sequel to IILWMBF)

Jess and Harry have had a steady two year running relationship, but will the bumps in the road ahead be too big to avoid? Does Jess really know Harry, or is she in love with a total stranger?


25. Chapter 23

"No offence but you do look...well shit." El said sipping her coffee. We were sat in a small cafe out of the city in the suburbs. I laughed and nodded.

"I haven't had a proper good nights sleep in like what.. a week, maybe two?" I said moving around in the chair getting comfy. Eleanor widened her eyes.

"I don't think i'm going to have kids not for another 2 or 3 years." She said leaning back in her chair, hugging her mug to her chest.

"No no, cherish the moments you have with Lou, I do love Talullah a lot, but she does take up a lot of "us" time that Harry and I used to have." I said sighing. El raised her eyebrows at me, as if to tell me to carry on.

"Well... Harry and I used to.. you know.."


"But because of getting up in the night and having to be with her 24/7 we have no time left for well that stuff...." I said trailing off. Eleanor smiled at me and then said,

"Look, if ever you and Haz want some...you know, "You Time" together, i'm here no matter what and i'm sure Lou won't mind looking after her as well with me." 

"Thanks El, it would mean a lot to me." She nodded and leant back and looked at me.

"What?" I asked looking down at my top. I then started to wipe my face encase there was some chocolate brownie left on it.

"Nothing. I was just thinking. When are you gonna start planning your Wedding? May is dawning in on us and you only have like what, just under 7 months.?" I laughed.

"Exactly plenty of time. So don't worry. Maybe my maid of honor would like to?" I asked looking at her.

"What? Oh my god! Me? Thank you so much!" Eleanor said jumping up and down. Everyone in the cafe stared at her. She coughed awkwardly and sat down slowly, pulling down at the hem of her skirt.

"So will you?" I asked leaning forward in my chair resting my head in my hands. She feigned surprise,

"Will I? Are you mad! Of course." She said flipping her hair out of her face.

"So. What are you doing for bonfire next week?" I asked taking a gulp of my coffee and exhaling loudly.

"Umm nothing's planned yet so far. Why?"

"Well Harry and I are planning a firework thingy party." I said sighing and lifting my bag over my shoulder. "Ready to go?" I said stretching as I stood up.

"Yup." She said pulling her coat on. We squeezed past everyones tables and chairs and pushed open the cafe door into the cold air of London. Our hair flapped around crazily as we clipped and clopped down the street in our heels. We both jumped into Eleanors car and I clicked my seat belt in.

"Brrr it's fucking freezing." I said. El laughed and threw her head back in the car. She switched the ignition on and purred the car into life. 

"So this party?" She began.


Me and Eleanor arrived at the end of my road, but we were blocked by a police line and their cars. I looked on confused and looked at Eleanor. She shrugged her shoulders and honked her horn. The police officers standing in front of the line turned around. One of them walked over to the window as El wound it down.

"I'm sorry ladies, but you can't come up here at the moment." He said leaning in. Eleanor and I exchanged looks.

"Might I ask, why?" El said.

"There has been a crime and we need to clear the area." I began sweating, I hope it's not someone we know.

"Who? What happened?" I asked leaning over El looking up at the Police officer. He frowned down at us, and then shook his head,

"I'm sorry, but i'm afraid we can't give that information out." My face fell for a split second. The police officer began walking away.

"Wait! I live here though!" I shouted after him. He stopped and turned back around to us.

"You live here, did you say?" 

"Er yes, well she does." Eleanor said pointing to me.

"Can you tell me the number of your house please." The officer said.

"Uh...number 42.." I said uneasily. The officer widened his eyes, and then sighed.

"Please come with me." I opened the car door, swallowing the lump forming in my throat. El was hot on my trail and right behind me. We came towards my house, well our apartment. More police were there and an ambulance too. I began to shake my head. No no no. This can't be happening. I ran past the officer and went straight to my apartment leaving the cries of the police behind me.

I followed the flashes of a camera that reflected the kitchen walls and came into the room. People were surrounding something, someone. I pushed past the people and looked to see.

My life could have ended right there and then. His curls lay perfectly round his face. His body collapsed, sprawled out. And a small pool of blood by his side. Where they shot him. I got up and began to walk backwards and my back hit something. I turned around and It was Lulu's cot. I looked inside at my baby. But it wasn't my baby. It was someone elses. Where was Tallulah. My head began spinning, but I felt a hand on my back rubbing circles.

"Harry?" I asked turning around.

"I'm right here babe." I shook my head in denial. He was dead though?



"No...no Harry, is that really you?"

"Yes of course it's really me!" He said kissing my cheek. But he began to fade. I was loosing him.

"No Harry...come back!" I said.

"I'm right here." He said smirking as he almost became invisible.

"HARRY!" I screamed.



"Shhh.... I'm here babe. It's okay." Harry said rubbing my back. I was upright in bed sweating with fear and panic. "Nightmare?" He asked. I nodded and began to sob quietly. "It's alright. It's over now. No one can hurt you. I'm here. I love you so much, okay?" He said lifting my chin making me look up at him. I sniffled and nodded.

"I love you too." I said burying my head in his chest.


"Shhhh be a good girl now and sleep for mummy and daddy. Shhh it's okay baby. Don't worry. Mummies here now. Everything is gonna be okay." I said as I rocked a crying Tallulah from side to side. It was 3am and Harry was fast asleep while Lulu was bawling her eyes out right next to our bed. How can he even sleep through this? Tallulah began to settle down and hiccuped a bit, before I placed her in her cot. I kissed her forehead,

"Night night Tallulah." I walked over to my bed and slid into the warm covers next to Harry. He instinctively pulled me closer, and I managed to fall back asleep.


*Beep Beep Beep* I pulled my hand out and slapped the alarm clock next to the bed. *7am* Brilliant. I got out of bed slowly rubbing my eyes and made my way into the bathroom, desperately trying not to wake up Harry or Lulu. I turned the shower on and stepped into the steaming water. Relaxing into it I began to sing. 

"Nice singing babe." I heard behind me after 5 minutes. I gasped and turned around. Harry was sitting in the bathroom whilst I was in the shower.

"Harry get out! I'm naked!" I screeched.

"Yeah, so? It's not something I haven't seen before." He said smirking and leaning back in the chair. His curls lay perfectly around his face, all messy and sorta...hot. He was in pajama pants and wasn't wearing a top, and I felt my eyes being drawn to the perfect 6 pack that lay in front of me.

"Like what you see, eh?" Harry said standing up. I snatched my eyes away from his chest and turned back around in the shower swallowing hard.

"No...I err nothing." I said cursing myself inside. I rubbed the shampoo in behind and I soon felt a pair of hands find their way onto my head as they began to massage.

"Jesus, Harry. Never thought of asking weather or not I- ...... oh god that's good, yeah that spot there." I said groaning as he kept on massaging my head. I heard him chuckle behind me. I slapped his arm, and then turned around facing his emerald eyes that pierced into my own, focusing on me. I leant up on top toes and kissed him lightly. He pulled me in though deepening the kiss and wrapped an arm around my waist. He nibbled my lip as I played with his wet curls under the water. He pulled me even closer and began to trail wet kisses down my neck.

"H-Harry...stop. Lulu is next door. It's wrong." I stuttered.

"She won't hear. Besides she is too young to know." He said kissing my sweet spot, tempting me even more. I gave in as I wrapped my legs around him. He smirked as he looked at my face, his dimples popping on each side of his cheeks.

"You are so beautiful, you know that?" He tilted his head to the side waiting for answer.

"You can talk." I said before slamming my lips onto his. I felt him smile against my lips. And we soon entered a world full of love, and lust.


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