Alexis has been cut off from the world until she is 18. Her only wish is to get out in the world and be a part of things. When her birthday request is denied she takes things into her own hands and runs away. Badly wounded by her mother's brutal hand, she runs into One Direction and everything she was ever told about men was quickly discovered to be incorrect. Was her mother not up on male behavior, or was it all a ploy?


6. Hospital

All five boys were surrounding me, and I start hyperventilating. Liam was holding my hand and was trying to comfort me. Blue and red lights start flashing, and seriously, I think it was scarier than getting stabbed by your mother. A huge metal box, with letters and symbols covering its white face rolls up on 4 wheels. From my lessons, I realize it was a car. Two people hop out from the doors on the front. The one they call Louis starts relaying things off to them. All the boys step back while the two people come with briefcase looking things. I care to notice my hand was still in Liam's, while the two men opened up the cases and start pulling things out like crazy. I just watch as they start taping things to my arm, putting stuff on my gut, and other stuff. One man leaves but comes back with a white cot on wheels. It was very strange. Some of the boys come over and help me onto the cart, and push me towards the back of the van.
"Hey! I'll ride with her, you guys follow with the car." Liam says.
"Alright, mate." Louis says and all the boys jog to a black car a few hundred feet from where I am currently. After everything had more light in the car, it slowly dims as I sink into unconsciousness. The last memory I have before I got knocked out, was the feeling of warmth from Liam's hand on mine.

I wake up with 5 boys surrounding me. Liam was on my immediate right, while the others are scattered around the room. Liam was talking with the other boys. I groan and try to sit up. Suddenly all eyes are on me and I'm surrounded.
"Well, morning Wonder Woman, you know, I'm superman, we'd make a great couple." Louis says. I just look at him.
"Who's superman?" I say.
"Woah! Where have you been? Have you been, like, living in a lonely cave all your life?" He says. I gasp and my mouth opens in shock.
"How did you know?" I whisper- yell.
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