A Valentines Love Tale (One Direction 1 Shot)

A girl who hates Valentines Day, may just get something that happens only in dreams!


1. One Shot

Hey guys! I normally don't write One Shots, but I want to enter the 1Shot41D contest! :) lets see how this works out ya? :) xx - Denny

My worst day of the year. Valentines day. How can ANYONE like this day? I mean to be honest, it's horrible! Everyone walks around school giving out chocolates and flowers to everyone. I don't need plants that will die in my house anytime soon, and I definitely don't need to get fat! Every Valentines day, a bunch of girls come up to me and hand me chocolates and cards. Girls I don't even know. I always smile and say thank you.
Now you may be wondering... Exactly why are these girl handing them to me? Well you see... I'm Niall James Horan's girlfriend. Yes the one from the British-Irish boy band, One Direction. When I met Niall, I was 14. My family and I were having a vacation in Paris. The hotel that we stayed at was nothing special, so no one really gave us complimentary service. It looked nice though. The walls were all painted with designs from the Romans, and paintings of people from the 16 hundreds.
One morning, my family and I went downstairs to eat breakfast. The chairs were all wooden white, and had frosty blue coverings on them to prevent people from making them a mess.
I was sitting at my table, waiting for my family to return with their food when I noticed some of my food was gone. I looked around but no one as even near me. I looked on the floor, cause maybe it fell. Nope, nothing.
I shrugged it off, and started looking for my parents. They were still in the kitchen, and I could faintly hear my sister making a big deal out of the food she received. She's always a picky eater...
I heard a noise from under the table. Almost like a mouse eating cheese. When I lifted up the covers of the table, I saw a blonde haired boy with bright angel blue eyes. He was holding my cheese-puff in his hand, while scarfing down a pancake with his other hand.
Immediately we became friends, and spent all summer together, as well as every summer that followed that.

My phone buzzed and I took it out of jeans pocket. It's the beginning of school, and already I got nauseous as I saw couples holding hands, while eating chocolates together. Lets just face it, I will NEVER be like them! Yes Niall and I are dating, but I don't want to be one of those girls who spend every waking moment with their guy. Niall needs space, and besides he has a career. If I were to expect candy from him, than this relationship would crumble to pieces even before it started.
My text message read: 'Meet me outside. :) xx' and it was from no other than Niall. I smiled as I read his text and walked out of the school. I haven't even dropped off my book bag. Then again, I barely even walked a foot inside.
Niall was standing far away in the back of the school parking lot. He's wearing a green polo shirt with some dark blue jeans and white high tops. He had sunglasses on, and was trying to stay hidden from the student body. If even a single person recognizes him, he'd be surrounded within a millisecond.
My foot moved towards him automatically. He took sight of me, and automatically his face lit up like a Christmas tree. His entire posture even seemed to change. It looked more relax, and less tense.
"Hey there, stranger," I smiled when I reached him. I was noting the fact that I haven't seen him in almost 2 months. He's been so busy with the tour, and being in the UK, it's hard to be with him. Besides, Wisconsin isn't really a place someone like him would be seen. It just seems so... Strange!
Niall smiled from ear to ear and embrassed me in his tight muscular arms. His cologne, Armani Mania had a nice sweet smell to it, that I was enjoyed no matter my mood.
"I missed you so much!" He whispered. I felt the corners of my eyes prickling with tears. The truth is, I missed him too. Being so far away from each other, really is aweful. I wish I was in the UK, at least there we'll have a better chance of seeing each other. Sort of like Louis and Eleanor! They see each other all the time! I talk to Eleanor almost everyday and she is an amazing person. We've met only 2 times, but still I feel like I've known her forever.
"Me too! What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you, until like the beginning of July!" I said when he let go of me. My voice was high, and it showed a little that I want to cry. No doubt he wants to too, but we won't. We'll be strong, and only because there might be someone with a camera near-by.
"Well... It's Valentines Day! And I'm spending it with you! So hop in the car, and stop complaining because I have a really good surprise for you!" He opened the door, and extended his hand out for me to take it. I grumbled some swears under my breathe, but jumped inside the car anyway. Niall took his time walking around the car to the drivers seat. It was obviously so he can annoy me more than I already am. Yes, I have an easy temper, but I don't show it that much!
"Where are we going, Niall?" I said, as he pulled the car out of the school's parking lot. He looked over at me, smiled but said nothing. I groaned and leaned against my seat.

5 hours, 2 McDonald's, 3 coffee spills, and 10 annoying songs later, we arrived. Exactly where? I have no clue. To me it looks like a normal, ordinary, lake. It had trees around it, and the water was almost the same color as Niall's eyes.
"Why are we here?" I asked him. He walked over to the back of the car and pulled out a wooden basket with 2 blankets from the trunk. I rolled my eyes as he took lead into the forest. It isn't dark outside yet, but it will be soon. And knowing my mom, she'll freak out, but maybe she'll understand when she realises I'm with Niall.
After a couple of minutes of walking, Niall stopped and turned left. I followed his lead.
My mouth dropped open at the sight I took in. The water was clear blue reflecting the sky. The orange sun was nearly at the horizon and you could see it almost hitting the water. The lake looked so large, anyone could mistake it for a vast ocean. The entire place was absolutely perfect, there is no sounds coming from anywhere.
When I turned my head to Niall, I noticed he had already set up our picnic. The blankets were spread out on the ground, and the basket was in the middle. Two plates layer on two sides, each one filled with pancakes and cheese-puffs. My eyes widened as I realized what Niall has done.
He looked at me with puppy dog eyes and walked closer to me. His face was merely centimeters from my face. He opened his mouth, and felt his breath on my face as he talked.
"Happy Anniversary, Katie."
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