Daisy Kate

Isy's father goes missing. Everybody thinks he drowned, but she's sure that it's not true. She is determined to find the truth about where he is - whether he's alive or not.


1. Prologue

The glowing sun is lifting slowly above the waves. Beyond the harbour, there is only ocean to be seen. Nothing breaks the seemingly endless blue.


A black speck appears on the horizon. It gets bigger and bigger as it moves in towards the shore.  As it rushes along - alarmingly fast - the shape becomes more defined. It is a little fishing boat, painted red and navy. At least, it must have been once; most of it's body is encrusted withe barnacles or rust. There is a tiny red flag fluttering at the front - even in that there was something urgent.

 It is almost at the harbour now. The name of the vessel is just about visible - Daisy Kate. Two men are standing at the bow, waving and shouting something, but it is just too far away for anyone to make out their words. There is an edge of panic to their tone. The few people on the beach lean forward in an attempt to hear better.

All of a sudden, the boat is sucked down below the waves. It is like the water has swallowed it. Splashes rise up, some going a few metres in the air. Then all is still.

The witnesses blink their eyes, uncertain now of what they have seen. They get up, confused, and begin to depart.

No humans remain anywhere near the harbour. It is quiet. The sea is calm and undisturbed. Three bubbles appear on the surface of the water. Seconds later, they are gone.

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