Terror Call

Alice is a captive, one held against her will in a hidden fortress deep in the country. Millions of kids are kept there, they are all test subjects of the new Ivincio program, a secret program run by the the government. Will Alice ever escape the fortress, or is she destined to die?
*NOTE* I have nothing against any government, I'm just using this as storyline!


1. One

Alice's POV


I sat next to the prison window. Birds, they must be so free, going wherever they want to. I see a flutter of feathers as one of them get's shot. Looking at my hands, I see my pale skin which has a blueish tinge from the chemicals they put in my body, and scars, lining my hands, all of them in different directions. Getting up from my bed, I wandered around my room, waiting for the guards to collect me so I could go into the yard. I knew that Adam and Darcy would be doing the same thing. they were always trying to escape, even though I told them it was useless. I stared across the hallway through the metal bars keeping me in this rotting cell. the guard's footsteps rang through the corridors, echoing endlessly. I heard a flutter of keys and I pair of rough hands grab my wrist, and tried to struggle out of the grip of the man, like every morning. And like everymorning, I would get slapped across the face so I would stop. Walking down the damp hallways, I was pushed into the yard, which had a single basketball hoop, and endless seats. I tripped over the chains around my feet, causing the guards to laugh. I stood up, and moved towards Adam and Darcy, sitting on a bench in the ripped and dirtied clothes that we always had to wear. Adam got up, and gave me a hug.

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