My surprise

A tomboy girl didn't like any songs and never had a favorite band or anything. Though at school this one guy name Hunter ask her out. Embarrassed and it was her first one she wasn't sure and in the end she agreed. Though one thing was annoying her Hunter had a big secret.Which led her into a tangled twist of fate waiting in the future for her.


1. Our meeting

Hi,my name is Destiny and I'm from from the country side and I've never listed to any music. Because my mom remarried I had to move to a small county called Fairfax Station, Virginia. I love skateboarding  and basketball and basically anything active and fun, and no im sorry im not intrested in make up and all of the other stuffs.

On the first day of school i realized right away that all of the people already had friends and i am just a leftover transfer student.I sat silently at the empty seat at the corner. I was playing my imaginary guitar and writing down the music notes on a free paper. Then i suddenly realize that a guy with light hazel eye was watching me the whole time. He smiled looked at me and said "Hi,nice to meet you my name is Z....Hunter." 

I looked at him and replied"Well nice to meet you my name is Destiny. I know my name is weird don't laugh."

Hunter answered with a smile "Don't worry i wont laugh actually Destiny is a pretty cool name. Ummm say can we be friends?"

I smiled and replied "Haha of course Hunter,my first friend, ill always remember that in my heart."

I expected a smile in return but instead i got a disappointing expression for a flash and then a smile. So,few months into the school year, my only friend is still Hunter.One thing i realize is that every once in a while he skips school and is busy at night time. He never told me what he does on his free time.While he got many friends he spend most of his time with me,he had free time tonight so we decide to meet at our favorite place the park under our own special tree that only we know about.

Tonight was full moon as i waited under the tree for Hunter to come. I tried to nap but i couldn't sleep so I just decide to scare Hunter when he gets here. I heard footsteps, and i knew right away that Hunter came.I thought in my mind "Okay say boo in 3.....2.....1..........." My lips....they were touching his......

I opened my eyes to find Hunter looking at me, with the moon's light i realize that he was blushing red. I thought in my mind "Awww...when did he became so cute?Wait...what am i thinking about?"

Hunter looked at my lost grey eyes and said"I'm sorry Destiny, I loved you when i first met you.I think it was what they called "love at first sight".So Destiny will you go out with me?"

I was shocked but i smiled and my heart knew the answer and i slowly nodded. Every once a while we went on a date but something was bothering me, his nights of secrets and disappearing.I held it in until one time it was three nights straight that he was gone and left no trace. The next day i had a fight with him.

"Where are you going all of those nights?Are you cheating on me?You know what...i don't think fate has us together." i yelled at him

Hunter replied " okay...but can we have this last date?It is a ticket to one direction concert near here tonight."

I replied "Fine...whatever" but deep down i was actually so glad that i can have this last date with him. Why did i had to have a fight with him?Now i will lose him forever.

The night of the concert i was lost and when i finally found my seat, it turns out to be the front row ticket. I waited for Hunter to come and sit next to me but instead they were other random girls that i didn't know about. The stage lights appear and i saw five guys appeared on the stage.Hunter! Hunter was one of them

I shouted" Hunter"

He looked at me and spoke this in the microphone"My Destiny girl, I havnt been telling you the truth all along. But here and now I will tell you everything. I didn't tell you my real name which is Zayn because the paparazzi will find you if anyone said that you are dating me, and these nights i've been practicing a song to make it for you with my friends. And you Destiny, is forever my destiny girl and nobody else" 

He smiled and i was left forever in shock...

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